How to Create a Blogger

Blogger is the most interesting and useful technique. Push your fashion in your own way this is the main strategy of Blogger. Blogger is easy to create and easy to maintain. Through Blogger you have an opportunity to place you own ideas and share your ideas with your friends. Now everything is depending on internet whatever the information you want just search on search Engines (Google, Bing, internet explorer, and MSN etc). The overall data is uploaded through word press, blogger and many more. Blogger don’t have any setup charges it free to use. So you want to share your ideas learn how to create blogger and start your own blogger. you want any information about blogger update my future posts.

Below I place step by step instructions with photo gallery about blogger creation and post in Blogger.

How to create Blogger

1. Login to your Gmail Account.

2. Right side of your Gmail Account just clicks on Google apps icon on those select Blogger option.

3. After selecting blogger just click create new blog button.

4. Fill the Title and Blog address (Based on your interest)

Example: suppose you want create post on News place title as Daily News and Address Dailynewsinindia (Check your address availability getting Ok).

Title: Daily News


5. After fill Blog title and address just click on Create Blog.

6. Now Blog is ready.

How to create Post in Blogger

1. Just Click on New Post

2. Place your title and Description

3. Description with images gives best clarity so try to place unique images.

4. Next Add labels

5. Browser take Default link address are you want to place another just Goto permalink->select custom link->set your link in web.

6. In these have a opportunity to schedule time of post Goto schedule->set date and time.

7. After filling all your data just click on Publish button.

8. Next see your post click on view blog/view post.

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