add a gadget in bloggeer

We can treat Widgets in Many forms like Gadgets, or small tools or applications that can be added to your blogger/website to gain its content or some functions, or to tug services and content from third party functionalities/website, Widget creation done in many forms such as adding Google+ page, Google+ followers, Subscribe Blog, For Following Email, sharing information, getting other websites data, adding Text/Image, and many more. Here I Place step by step process for adding Gadget in Blogger/Website.

Step by Step Procedure Add a Widget/Gadget to your Blogger

Login to your blogger Account with your user name and password: Once your logging to your blogger you are directly get the blogger dashboard otherwise goto dashboard link and click on that.

Goto Blogger dashboard ->Layout: In Dashboard in the left menu you have layout option just click on that.

Layout: In Layout we are observing add a gadget Option. After clicking you get some default page elements like blog archive, HTML/JavaScript, and Recent post, Image, Text, Google+ Badge, etc.

Choose added widget/Gadget for your blogger/Website:

After clicking Add Gadget Button the blogger pop-up window display more number of gadget whatever the gadget s available in Google search blogger. Here we are contains some basic Gadget and you want more just click on More Gadgets button type the gadget name whatever you want. Also place your own Gadget through URL.

We are having an option to search more Gadgets/Widgets from Web.

Add a custom widget to Blogger using the HTML and JavaScript widget:

The HTML/JavaScript gadget is display none it can be used for adding third party functionalities or URL of other websites. Whenever the data is available in HTML/JavaScript format simply select this gadget and add.

Adding More Gadget to your Blogger/Website is not Good its decrease your website/blogger loading time. Try to place minimum Gadgets what you want really.