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Do you want to add admin for your blogger/website? Not sure how to add admin from your Gmail account. Admin privileges to someone in blogger is used for maintain multiple admin, authors at a time

Granting Admin Privileges to Someone in Blogger?

Blogger contains great option to choose up to 100 blog Admin, authors, editors or contributors, and readers. Providing admin permission to others it is based on full trust over your partner. This necessity comes because other want change anything in your blogger suppose you don’t have knowledge on HTML, Do you want to change template look? you are giving a permission for edit html in your blogger. Options are more you trust your editor gives admin option otherwise simply gives readers, editors, author’s option.

Login to Account: First login to your blogger username and password. After Login go to your blogger dashboard->Select Setting from left side of menu->under setting->basic

Blogger->Settings->Basic->Permissions: Here we are have add authors option.Click On Add authors button

Invited Accept your request

Your blogger is added to other Maintaining Blogs.

How to remove admin rights in blogger

You are giving admin rights for others they are unutilized your blogger now you want look for back your admin rights. Back up your admin right is the easy process simply goes to->permission->click On->Invite author->Click on cross button.

After Clicking Cross button the admin, author permission are completely deleted they are not access your blogger completely.

Granting admin permission to others through we have advantages as well as we have disadvantages so try to give admin permission trusted persons.

We hope this article is helped you to learn How to granting admin privileges to someone in blogger and How to Remove admin privileges to someone in blogger.