Link Building Pro: Get a Million Visits to Your Website

You have published your website and continue to grow it by posting new blogs every day. You aim to provide high-quality content, answering the queries people ask. However, to rank on Google or other search engines, those qualities alone are not sufficient. The process of ranking high, especially on the first page, requires you to understand how Google’s algorithm works. Link building is one such aspect that contributes to helping Google understand your content, thus, enabling it to rank high. And with higher ranks, you can expect to have more increased quality traffic. Therefore, here is a link building guide to help you score a million visits to your website.

Guest blogging

Amongst the oldest link building strategies, guest blogging is more than relevant even today. The idea is to write an article for other websites that focus on the same niche as yours, have them publish the content. However, do note that the content must include a link to your website. Easy, right? But, the first step is to find a good guest posting website. One way of doing this is by using Google search operators and locating the sites accessed by other bloggers. An example prospect is to look for websites in your niche, requesting you to write for them. 

Though, since everyone is doing that, you should bring a twist to the idea. Do not target websites that bluntly advertise their ‘write for us’ page. And while you should pitch them, try to aim for sites that do not explicitly indicate their guest posting aspect. Moreover, to narrow down the niche-relevant websites, you can use content exploration tools by different platforms. Similarly, integrating the best traffic checker in the process will enable you to target websites, competitors’ strategies, and potential keywords. Getting an inclusive tool will help more informed guest blogging and other SEO tasks. 



The word outreach is self-explanatory; reach out to websites with a similar niche and show them your content. Interestingly though, the term ‘content’ is somewhat subjective here. For starters, chances are you that you do not require any content at all. All you need is to provide a website capable of assigning links. The content may revolve around a product, service, brand, or a review. Nevertheless, outreach synchronizes quite well with linkable assets. In simple words, your content must seem useful to the people you contact.

Moving on, you must be wondering: who should you get in touch with for the purpose? The answer is quite simple; target the people using the same keywords as yours and websites linked to similar content topics. To locate such web pages that fall match the criterion, you will require SEO research tools. Having done that, go ahead and shoot them an email, negotiating your terms.

Broken link building

Broken link building is a simple yet effective technique for gaining more traffic. Unlike other processes, dead link building does not consume as much time. The only aspect that requires some patience is the approval time. The main principle behind this technique is to find broken links on famous websites of your niche. Next, you must craft content similar to the broken link and have the website change the link from the dead source to yours. For instance, you specialize in writing tech blogs and have found a broken link on one of TechCrunch’s articles on headphones. All you have to do is write content on headphones and request TechCrunch to link their website to yours instead.

When it comes to locating broken links, you can manually look through the competitor’s pages. However, as mentioned before, you can avoid the hassle of scanning every article by using an SEO research tool. SEMRush is known for its versatile yet efficient kit for obtaining such links in a matter of seconds. 


Link reclamation

Link building is never easy to accomplish, period. Rather than building more links, the chances are that you are losing your established backlinks even now. And though it may seem stressful, be at ease. There are ways to counter these issues by building more links or reclaiming the lost ones. Several reasons lead to the loss of links — mainly because the links either got removed or the page does not exist anymore. And while the non-existing page makes sense, the former does not. The removal of your link possibly occurred for a reason. The author may have decided to revamp the article, resulting in excluding your link.

If that’s the case, reach out to the publisher and humbly request them to place your link in the modified article. But before pushing forward, you must focus on finding out the reason behind your link’s removal. Having discerned that, only then can you proceed to request the author.

Anchor Text

Placing anchor texts in your content allows google to discern the message your website conveys. If multiple links direct towards web pages with different keywords, Google will likely rank that page considerably higher. However, as handy as this technique can be, it will undoubtedly backfire if you do not implement it appropriately. Spamming too many links will result in further decreasing your rank in the search results. Content and SEO experts consider the anchor text to be the heart of the article for a good reason. It is possibly the most vital factor driving traffic to your page, thus, skyrocketing the website to ranks unimaginable. 

For instance, to understand the concept better, picture a group of friends. Now, ask them how they spent their day yesterday. The standard response for each individual is likely to vary. But, what if it doesn’t? If the entire group answers the question, there is something fishy about the situation. Google’s algorithm can easily distinguish between such content. Therefore, only set your objective for relevant content, not spam.


Creating a website is relatively easy. Even ranking it only requires you to put some effort into it. However, what many creators fail to understand is how they must maintain their ranking or push higher. A problem seen among many beginners is the halting of publishing content once they start gaining traffic. And though gaining traffic is fantastic, you must not stop there. Continue to push forward and publish high-quality content every single day. Not only will this lead to high-quality content, but it will also allow you to earn from a single source or article for several years to come. Thus, indicating the beauty of SEO optimized content.