How to Change Permalinks to Custom Links

As a default blogger takes default link as permalinks you want change your link then follow the below steps..

  1. Login to Blogger with username and Password
  2. After login to your account you get blogger dashboard in that your observer posts option on left menu of in your blogger.
  3. Click on post->select new post ->under post right you have post settings->under permalink
  4. Now write your own link->goto custom link->mycustomlink.html->click done.
  5. Now successfully saved your URL after publish the post that URL is displayed in all search engines.

What is the necessity we have to change the permalinks to custom links?

Permalink is the blogger display default url for post, may be that url not follow any SEO friendly strategies, for getting SEO friendly we have to change permalink URL to Custom Link URL.

How to place SEO Friendly and user Friendly URL?

Here I place some tips write custom link for getting good SERP’s.

Try to make your post as user-friendly and SEO-friendly nature, make your post in user understanding manner also place focus keyword in your custom link.

1. Don’t use @, #, $, %, ^, & etc symbols in link.

2. Don’t use stop words like and, or, with, and to etc.

3. Place Focus keyword as your custom link.

4. Search engines and user more interact with your post/website try to place content based link.

How to change write custom link for existing post/page?

Some post are don’t have proper link that link not user-friendly as well as SEO-friendly at that moment we have to change our link

  • Goto Blogger dashboard
  • Select your preferred website
  • Under blogger select post
  • Right menu of post have post settings
  • Publish post don’t have option to write custom link, so push post to draft. Now place your custom link and publish.

How to redirect your URL to New post/page or existing post/page?

Sometimes we are getting 404 page not found errors because our website URL not found in search engines that error will be displayed or whenever your change url address that error displayed for user. These types of error not only disturb users it will decrease website traffic at this moment we have to redirect website traffic to another page/post through changing/redirect URL position.

1. Login your Blogger account to your username and password.

2. Goto Blogger Dashboard->goto settings

3. Under settings search preferences

4. Errors and redirections in Search preferences

5. Custom page not found and custom redirects

6. Edit place from and To URL’s

7. Click On save changes Button.

Explanation with examples

My Website contains 47 crawl errors find those on 404 or empty URL’s on Webmaster tool I download those data and redirect those URL’s to some specified URL’s.

My website containing both desktop and smart phone errors are following and I redirect those url to some specific page/post.