Characteristics of 5G networks and their main novelties

4G, LTE, Volte are different names for the mobile network known as 4G that most of us use today. There are a number of advantages offered by this network, and one of them is wireless access to high-speed data. Although, at present, there is a new mobile network system that is being worked on and it is called 5G.

At first glance, it may seem that the main features of 5G networks are like an upgrade to existing 4G networks, but it really offers much more. Literally, this type of mobile network will revolutionize high-speed data transmission and offer a perfect means of communication. That’s good, but what are all these benefits or characteristics of 5G networks? In this post, we have summarized all the interesting aspects of this new mobile network and what makes it superior to all its predecessors.

This mobile network system has already been integrated on top branded mobile phones manufactured by the best companies of the world.

Why the characteristics of 5G networks make it so spectacular?

Even before mentioning the advantages of a 5G network, we have to understand the basic concepts of this network and what makes it superior to all other networks.

5G networks make use of the Massive MIMO standard and that is basically the reason why this network is so fast and reliable.

The MIMO standard or multi-input multiple outputs is not something new. This system is already being used by some current generation networks as well. However, with the characteristics of 5G networks, an improved standard called Massive MIMO is implemented. A standard MIMO network tends to use two or four antennas, while in the 5G network with Massive MIMO, telecommunications giants such as Huawei and ZTE use between 96 and 128 antennas.

The multiple antennas allow better and faster data transmission, which makes it a better option in general.

And, now that we understand the basics of this new network, let’s look at some of the advantages that users will derive from it.

Advantages of the characteristics of 5G networks

Higher speed

One of the obvious advantages of the 5G network is the enormous increase in Internet speeds that users would enjoy once they have access to it. No, we are not talking about a double increase in speed, but it will be 100 times faster.

Greater capacity

Among the characteristics of 5G networks, it stands out that they will have more than 100 times of device connection capacity. Which means that more people or devices could connect to a certain network without degrading its performance for the rest of the users.

Low network latency

The 5G networks offer a very low latency of 1 ms, which means an instantaneous response from the network and the devices that use that network. Therefore, this feature makes this type of network really useful for varied applications and even online games that need a very fast and robust network.