How to make sure the SEO company you are hiring is a good fit

SEO has been one of the go-to marketing strategies over the years. And this practice is likely to be in the trend for the distant future. This is one reason why SEO companies have mushroomed like anything.

So if you are hiring an SEO agency, how would you single out the one which fits your business? Since many SEO firms have financially robbed their recruiters, you should be even more careful in the selection process.

We have made this daunting task a lot simpler for you. All you have to do is to walk the tight line of the following steps, and that will do the job:  

Trust realistic goals  

If you believe that SEO is a magic mantra that is going to turn your business around in no time, then you are at mistake. That’s far from reality. True, SEO does help to improve your ranking and eventually the bottom line will also expand, but it will take its due course of time.

Such abstract talk is quite common in the SEO industry. You might come across firms that will sound too good to be true. Never fall into this trap. Always choose an SEO company that offers realistic goals, like Kasandz. They will assist you and your business organization with developing marketing techniques that will help in growing your business greatly within a very short time frame.

After all, nobody has total control over Google algorithms. So a genuine and upright company will promise to give its heart and soul but can’t guarantee 100 percent success.

Ask for the company’s past record

Of course, it is normal in any business to boast about one’s work here and there. SEO companies are no exception. They might exaggerate their services and claim the number one spot.

But, as the famous maxim goes, actions speak louder than words. The best way to get a better idea about their work would be to ask for their past record.

You will get an idea of what kind of projects and clients they have handled in the past. Also, go to websites they were assigned to improve. If these sites have well-structured, informative, and easy on the eyes content and rank on the first page of search engines, that means you can rely on their expertise – even if it happens to be a local SEO company.

Also, online reviews can help you to filter out good companies from the bad apples. This process could consume some time, but then all good things take time, don’t they?

Unearth the experience

There is no substitute for experience and rightly so. An experienced SEO agency goes to show that it has been able to keep up with the changes made by Google algorithms over the years. It speaks volumes about the agency’s adaptability skills.

For example, if any drastic policy change is announced after you hand over your website to an experienced SEO company, it will prove to be much more reliable than an inexperienced SEO team.

So never ignore the experience factor. And apart from its overall experience, make sure it has spent enough time working on your niche as well.  

Effective communication  

Communication lapses don’t help the cause. Even if you are backed with all the needed tools, like Google Analytics, to measure the performance of your website, you might be lacking time to thoroughly analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Since SEO is a specialized subject, you could perhaps lack the aptitude to understand KPIs fully. That’s where effective communication comes into play. Being regularly in touch with your SEO team helps you to stay updated regarding the latest developments and convey your instructions.

It is such a sensitive feature that you should not give a green flag on a call or email. One to one meeting with the man in charge of the company will provide you with a better picture to understand whether or not it can streamline the communication.     

White hat tricks

It is not always about the results but also the process. You can land upon the frauds, who might be utilizing black hat tricks to elevate a website’s performance. Initially, you could get desired outcomes using these malpractices, but this exercise is going to haunt you big time in the long run. What’s more, some of the consequences will be beyond recovery.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, it is essential for you to ensure that the SEO company you are going to hire indulges only in white hat tricks. Admittedly, it is going to be a comparatively lengthy process, but the results will be lasting ones. To be brief, morality should be your top preference.

Final thoughts

The success of SEO has a lot to do with who is working behind it. If you have been tricked into hiring an unprofessional team of SEO experts, then don’t expect that anything good will come out of it. To make the matter worse, you will end up wasting your resources. We have given you the roadmap, follow it, and you will not be disappointed. We would love to know in the comments about the experience you had working with your last SEO company.