Template is gives best impression for readers in Blogger/website. So placing best/user friendly template is necessary so now learn how to change new template and backup existing template and content in your blogger.

How to change/Backup Template in My Blogger

Are you looking for change template in your blogger, this is the right place for your question. Do you want to change your blogger template this means you are not satisfied or trouble with your existing template?

Before changing a template I would like to say some tips about Template selection. Many of the blogger do one mistake i.e. disqualified template (I mean not user friendly).Google verifies your blogger is user /SEO friendly or not? So be careful on that try to place User friendly template.

First Download/Design template in your system. I feel you already know about How to create blog and How to Search free blogger Templates in search engines. Here I would like say about changing/backup template in your blogger.

How to Change New Template for Blogger

  • First goto your blogger dashboard
  • On dashboard you are observing Template Option.
  • Click on Template on the left menu of your blogger dashboard.
  • After Clicking you are getting Backup/Restore in top-right corner.

  • Just Click on dashboard and click Backup/Restore.
  • Now you are observer Download Full Template option Click on that.

  • Save to your computer.
  • Now your Template is Backup and saved successfully in your computer.

Sometimes Content is Not backup so you also backup your content. Now I explain How to backup your content.

How to backup your content in Blogger

  • Goto Blogger Dashboard->select setting->others

  • Check for Backup content.

  • Click on that and save your content on your system

Now you are successfully Backup template and content and also change new template.

For learning more about Blogging follow my future posts. Do you have any doubts about blogging or any mistakes I can do please comment on comments box. You like my post please share to your friends because sharing is caring.