How much does AdSense pay per click and ad visits?

For many people, knowing how much they pay AdSense per click is a curiosity before entering this business, but when they want to know the income of digital entrepreneurs who already live from this business system.

It makes sense, since to earn money with AdSense, you will have to work hard on your blog or website and what you need to know is whether the money you earn will be paid correctly, otherwise it is better to look for another affiliate program or some other thing on the Internet.

It is important to know how much AdSense pays for each click, so you can add more information when designing your AdSense strategy, either in the design of the blog or website itself, since when deciding on ad placement.

How much does AdSense pay per ad click?

As AdSense is the final tip of Google Ad Words, and in that ad system the values to be paid by advertisers are defined in an auction system, each click has a different value. The amount paid by AdSense for clicks or views varies greatly depending on how much the advertiser pays for the ad shown on your blog or website.

That’s why choosing a good niche for AdSense is so important to the return that your site or blog can provide you with great profits.

Google AdSense passes to publishers, a percentage of 68% of the amount paid by the Google Ad Words advertiser. In this way, if an advertiser defines that he wants to pay R $ 1.00 per click on his ad, you will receive the corresponding $ 0.68 each time this ad appears on his blog and a user clicks on it.

This is one of the great advantages I see between Google AdSense and other affiliate programs, especially for those who are just starting out. In most other programs, you only receive if you make a sale on your site. In AdSense, it is enough that the visitor clicks on the ad and will already be making money.

How much AdSense pays for ad views?

Now that we’ve talked about how much AdSense per click pays, we’re going to look at the pay per view. How the CPC system works “cost per click” or the CPM “cost per thousand”, AdSense also pays the publisher for the views generated in the ads. In this case, the same criteria used to pay for clicks is 68% of the value paid by the advertiser to Google.

If a certain advertiser agrees to pay $ 10 for every thousand impressions of your ad, Google must pay $ 6.80 per thousand impressions on your blog.

How much does AdSense pay per search click?

In this case, the value reviewed by Google will be 51% of the value paid by the advertiser. There is a third form of remuneration per ad that is about the clicks given on survey pages placed on the blog or site.

In the case of clicks on personalized survey response pages inserted in blogs and associated sites, only those data in sponsored links shown in these response pages, that is, the superior links, are computed as remunerative clicks through AdSense. Those shown on the right side, if this is the case.

Now that you know how much you pay AdSense per click in your different ad formats, is that what you imagined? Do you think it’s worth it? Leave your opinion.