It is estimated that in 2021 there were more than two million reported cases of employers conducting criminal background checks. In a case like yours, what shows up on a background check may not exactly be what the employee’s best interests are in mind. The question is, do you want to know what happens in your past when you work for an employer with a questionable history? Or, is it okay for your prospective employer to run a background check on you, just to make themselves feel better or because they are concerned about their own safety and future?

Everyone has seen the stories on the news of people who have been victimized by employers with poor criminal records. Many employers conduct these types of criminal records searches as part of their pre-employment background checks for liability reasons. An employer needs to make sure that they are hiring someone who will not be a risk. When you apply for a position with any company, you are essentially inviting them to potentially lie, cheat or steal you during the interview process. No one wants to hire a person who cannot be trusted. Therefore, they do an extensive background check on every potential hire to make sure they are making an honest hire.

Most employers know that it can be difficult to trust individuals looking for work. Most individuals looking for a new position end up having to turn down job offers because they did not present a trustworthy image. What does this background check show? Most reports show that most convictions for violent offenses come in the seventh years of imprisonment. So, if you have had seven years of incarceration, but have been turned down for a job, it is safe to assume that you are more likely to commit violence in the future than a person who has never had any convictions.

Another important part of what shows up on a background check is current and past address information. The majority of employers require an individuals current address. This is to protect themselves against stolen property or individuals who may not pay their rent on time. Most employers also do background checks to be sure they are not hiring criminals, so it is safe to assume that all employment applications should require an address verification.

Employers are required to perform criminal records when they are doing a complete background screening on a potential employee. Most of these background checks are only one part of what a background screening actually shows. An employer can learn more information about a person by obtaining an additional two year report that shows additional traffic violations and convictions. So, when you ask, what shows up on a background check?, the answer could be that you need to obtain a complete criminal records check.

Most employment verification checks will include a drug test. Some employers and licensing authorities request this as well. Most of these drug tests are considered to be extremely reliable, especially if the person taking the drug is using an under the table prescription. However, it is important to realize that any drug test is not 100% accurate. Depending on the specific substance involved, the test could result in false positive or negative results.

Many employers ask if they can get a copy of a persons criminal history prior to hiring. While this is often allowed, it is usually recommended that employers first obtain a full criminal background check from a private agency to make sure there are no mistakes on their applicants criminal history reports. It is often possible to obtain these checks for free at local county clerk offices or state offices. If an applicant refuses to provide their social security number or refuses to fill out the consent form, it is impossible for the employer to obtain a complete background check.

For those who believe that they need to obtain one’s criminal history report, the most important thing is to understand what goes on during a background check and what information you need to have on hand when requesting an online background check. There are many different resources available to an employer like, local court houses, county clerk offices and state licensing authorities. There are also many sites that offer an online Employee Credit Report and Filling Out an Application to get a copy of your report. Regardless of which option you choose, understanding what goes on during your background check can help you be more informed about your potential employees behavior.