The niches and themes best paid by Google Adsense

What are the Best Niches for AdSense?

Knowing which niches and themes are best paid by Google Adsense is essential for anyone who wants to make a blog and get economic benefits through affiliate programs that use the context as a way to determine the distribution of the ads.

It will not do you any good to create a very refined blog, with an attractive design, a template full of resources and develop top quality content for your posts if the blog’s theme does not have a good number of advertisers who pay well for the value of the blog. click.

The best-paid niches for Google Adsense have features that you need to know to be able to structure your blog in a segment that can give you a good return for your efforts to create and promote content.

The Importance of Planning

It is important to emphasize the importance of the planning stage in the construction of a monetized blog, simply due to the fact that the financial results of the blog are not due to a single factor, but neither depends on luck.

In this context, choosing the nicest paid niches by Google Adsense plays a key role, since there are segments that pay a much higher value per click on the ads than others.

As AdSense distributes your ads based on a contextualization algorithm, it is necessary for the blog to address a topic that attracts attention, through the published content and the insertion of high-value-per-click ads.

How to Choose the Best Niches for AdSense

For everyone who wonders how to make money with AdSense in blogs, the preliminary answer is always the same: Segment the content of your blog and escape the generic blog trap, which speaks of a little bit and ends up saying nothing to no one.

The advantages of niche blog are numerous. The first of all is that working in this way, it tends to become a reference in a certain matter and that contributes to your getting a reputation in the segment.

If you become a reference, your visitors develop the habit of returning to your blog, spend more time browsing it, share more frequently your posts on social networks and subscribe to receive new news. In terms of a user profile, it is everything a successful blogger wants.

From the point of view of traffic generation, work in a niche is also a great advantage, because as your focus is a specific topic, you will have better chances to win good positions in the pages of responses from the major search engines.

By working in a well-defined semantic cloud, applying SEO techniques, optimizing sites for search tools, your articles will be easier to get a good position on the first page of Google and with that attract more traffic.

Find Niches that you like and that you understand

Before going into technical considerations on how to classify the nicest paid niches by Google Adsense, we must make clear that first of all, you must choose a segment that you really like to write about and understand.

If you start working with a blog on a topic that you do not like and that you’re not really familiar with, the results can be disastrous: visitors will fall bounce and pass your blog without pain or glory, and will not want to return to your Blog.

Obviously, you will not earn anything with it and you end up leaving it aside. If there is not a good dose of enthusiasm in your project, it does not help to start. So look for an AdSense niche that, besides being profitable, is also of interest to you.

Have a Long-term Vision

Another point to keep in mind is the long-term vision of your business. If you want to make money with blogging for a long time, it is necessary that you choose a segment that has a large amount of public, to be able to generate a good amount of traffic to your site.

Of course, the term niche market refers to a limited audience, but it can not be so restricted so it can not generate traffic and therefore click on the site. It does not help, no matter how relevant your site is in a certain segment, if it does not attract traffic, the money does not appear.

To quantify the public potential of each niche, it is useful to use some tools, such as the Google Keyword Planner, a free tool that offers a large amount of information that you can use to identify the best niches of AdSense.

Search for AdSense Niches Without Content Restriction

Just as you can not choose a niche for AdSense that has a very limited audience, another very common trap is to choose the segments that do not have a thematic universe that allows the creation of a large volume of articles for your blog.

Choose the Most profitable Niches for AdSense

Done the analysis of public with which you will be able to count as traffic for your blog, it is time to make the analysis of economic viability, that is, to verify what the potential of income generation of this niche is.

Some segments, being more contested, pay better per click, since AdWords is an auction system, and to highlight advertisers seek to offer larger offers per click to fill the spaces available in related blogs of the subject in question.

The nicest paid niches by Google Adsense are the result of several factors. It is important that you know the ins and outs of the niche to which you belong. So let’s get to know the list of the nicest paid niches by Google Adsense and its main factors.

The Nicest Paid Niches By Google Adsense

Surely you will know that it is a niche, but for those who are new to the topic “Niche is the subject you will talk about on your website”, therefore, before starting your trip you need to select some of those profitable niches in Google Adsense and related to your field.


One of the best-paid niches by Google Adsense is insurance, insurance companies that offer health insurance, car insurance, and many others. The competition among insurance companies is quite large and that is the reason why insurance is one of the nicest niches paid by Google Adsense. If you already have a niche about insurance, then you may be earning a large monthly income. The highest CPC (cost per click) in the insurance niche is € 50, which is quite high for the use of these keywords. But keep in mind that this niche has great competition and it is difficult to obtain the rank in this niche since the insurance companies are investing a lot for this keyword. If you are a new blogger, try to avoid this niche.


The second of the nicest paid niches by Google Adsense is the mortgage, a legal agreement in which a person borrows money to buy a property (such as a house) and pays the money over a period of years. There are many people who lend out mortgage houses and want to know how to pay less interest and how they can pay off the mortgage in less time. To help people, there are many mortgage brokers who find the best mortgage product available to them that fits their needs. Now, obviously, those brokers charge fees for this work. One blogging option for Adsense would be to write mortgages and give people advice on how they can save money to pay off their mortgage ahead of time. The mortgage is the second highest CPC keyword in Google AdSense and you can earn up to € 40 per CPC.

Health & Wellness

One of the most profitable niches for Google AdSense is health and its various aspects. People want to live a healthy and fit life and because the cost of medical care is incredibly high in many countries, people who do not have serious health problems use the Internet to seek advice and address minor health problems. They look for home remedies, reviews of vitamins or supplements and personal experiences of others. This is the reason why Google AdSense pays high for this niche.

But always remember that you must have the right knowledge to provide health advice since any incorrect medical advice could cause you legal problems.


We are living in an age of technology and due to the rapid expansion of the scope of day-to-day technology with promising features and applications, many people search the Internet for their orientation and use. In addition, people who were already up to date with technological trends always try to update themselves with the best of the technological and devices of the market. Today’s technology is the most attractive way to bring traffic to your blog and increase advertising revenue. Technology is the niche that is not only profitable in terms of high payment rates but also offers a wide range of organic traffic to your blog.

Social Media

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter were fine when they were only on desks. But just after the smartphone boom in our lives, social networks became an addiction. So, to feed network addicts, commercial companies now focus more on social media marketing. But, bloggers who want to talk about social networks should make sure that they have important followers in their own social network profiles to gain credibility on the Internet. Do not focus on “Why social networks are important” but on “How social networks are effective”

How Blog

One of the main reasons why people read your blog is simply to learn to blog. They want to learn the techniques of more professional bloggers. They want to learn how to attract traffic to their blogs and much more. There are many bloggers who write only on blogs. So, instead of just copying them, you must go one step further, all you have to do is offer your reader unique content that others do not offer.

Keep in mind one thing: do not copy others, work with your own style of blogging. In addition to this, you must produce content that is beneficial to your reader. This will help to get traffic and readers to trust and once you get the trust of the readers, then you will be on the right track of success.


Everyone wants to look attractive, and fashion is the niche that is changing their trends day by day. There are many blogs about makeup, clothing and latest designs. Even men’s fashion has become very popular today. If your niche is fashion and you have good traffic, then there are many companies that are willing to publish your ads on your site.


There are many celebrity followers who love to read gossip about their favorite celebrity. Just like health, if your niche is the celebrity, you have to be very conscious about the selection of the subject before publishing about the celebrities. Try to avoid writing about those issues that create hatred and can lead you to any legal difficulty.

Instead, if you have the opportunity, you can be an official celebrity promoter or any other telemarking company. You can even write songs like “What perfume is most popular among the most famous?”

Earn money on the internet

Everyone wants to earn money, and making money is one of the most sought after niches. People are looking to make money from home through the Internet. There are many bloggers who earn a good amount every month and if you are among them, then you can share your secrets to earn money.

Search engine optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique through which you can make your site more visible to search engines. There are numerous blogs and websites, and all of them want to get the best position in the search engines. Everyone wants to know the latest techniques to make your blog or website more SEO friendly so that you get the best search results. That’s why SEO is one of the largest and highest paying niches in Google AdSense.