4 Types of Web Pop-UPS to Use on Your Website

In the world wide web, it is imperative to make use of every free space and minute to get to your audience. Any business that is running online will know this. In fact, all businesses today necessarily have an online or digital set up that allows them to find customers anywhere and at anytime. Now, there are many ways to reach and engage these potential customers or prospects. While social media and email marketing would be some of the foremost examples that come to mind when we think of reaching our target audience, we can also see that pop ups or pop up ads play a definitive role in helping businesses reach their customers in a quick and efficient manner.

What exactly is a Web Pop Up?

Pop ups are known to have a conversion rate of about 3% which gives them quite a bit of credibility in the grand scheme of things, hence we should not ignore web pop ups and instead, we should learn how to use them to our advantage. A web pop-up is a one way communication tool that pops up on a website or a search engine. It comes with a call for action and is linked to a website or a landing page. But it does not necessarily come as a specific result of a particular action taken by a customer – like a search or any other such activity. 

Pop ups can be construed as an annoyance for those who have opened a browser or started a search or even visited a specific website. While this may be true and there are pop up blockers for this reason, there are some pop ups that can actually be helpful for a number of customers or prospects. The key is to design the right web pop ups to appear at the right places so that they are actually helpful, entertaining or useful without disrupting the work that a client might be trying to do.

For example, if a customer lands on a fashion e-commerce website and a pop up appears about a sale that is going to begin in about 72 hours and last only for a day, the pop up should clearly have a quick slideshow of the products that might be available and a few words that clearly point to the specifics of the sale and the call for action so that the client might sign up for the same. This would be helpful and it would immediately make the customer wait to go through the sale before making a regular kind of purchase on the same website. And with the lowered prices, the customer might actually end up buying more items and thus bring in higher revenue for the fashion website. In fact, the customer might even spread the word about the flash sale so that there are more visitors and potentially more buyers and more revenue. In such a case, the new visitors would also look out for the pop ups that will take them to the coupons or the vouchers in question. Also, during the flash sale, when the visitors and customers are browsing through the items, it would be a good idea to have side pop ups that point to relevant or related products or some products like shoes and bags that can be matched to the actual product on which the visitor or the customer may have lingered. 

The only thing that we would have to pay attention to here is the fact that a single pop up should open up at one time instead of many pop ups that can lead to confusion and even annoyance as the customer or visitor tries to deal with them and the lag in the way the website or the system works. The pop ups should be neat and well designed and preferably have the names of the designers or labels featured on them so that there is genuine interest being built instead of needless product pushing. 

So, in such cases, it may be seen that web pop ups can actually be helpful and they can actually become a tool that the customer looks forward to. It can also bring in more revenue and more visitors if played right. This also might be the reason why companies and businesses online have still not given up on the idea of web pop ups. 

What are the different kinds of pop ups? Here are 4 that can help your business!

There are many different kinds of web pop-ups yet only a few of them can actually help you in furthering your consumer base and gaining revenue in the bargain. These depend on how they appear, where they appear and when they appear. We have listed the top 4 web pops for you on this basis. 

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Exit Intent Pop Ups:

This is for people who are on the lookout for a deal or an offer. This kind of a web pop up can be linked to ebooks, and other related products that you can further help the customer who has landed on the website. 

Click Activated Pop Ups:

If you are annoyed by the sheer quantum of pop ups that seem to appear at the absolute wrong time, then these pop ups will save the day since you can actually choose whether or not you want to see them. These are typically sliders that show you how a product works or some customer testimonials as well. 

Opt in Bars:

These pop ups appear in a subtle manner and can be seen in the top bar so that they do not disrupt your work, yet they are there in a contrast color to remind you of some offers. 

Interactive Pop Ups:

These are a good way to get some leads since they ask a customer some quick and interesting questions and they even have a quick game or quiz for the customer. 

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