Top Trending List of YOUTUBE Educational Channels

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

 We’re all familiar with this proverb, right? Well, thanks to technology and innovation for adding a twist to this phrase. The modern day “Jack” can learn and play at the same time. Yes, that’s right! Gone are those days of using traditional learning methods accompanied with a whole stack of books. Now the kids can educate themselves and fulfill their curiosity with YouTube.

YouTube has got some of the best educational channels that your kids can use to learn something new in a non-boring, yet useful way. With the help of these education YouTube channels, your kids will be fascinated to learn new things every day and manage their time productively while being entertained. And not just kids, even teachers can use these educative YouTube channels to keep the kids engaged rather than sticking to traditional classroom teaching. YouTube is a gigantic platform that features tons of education channels on various subjects and topics. If you’re willing to explore something new without paying an extra cost, YouTube can be your one-stop destination.

So, to make things easy for you we have compiled a quick list of best educational YouTube channelsthat can transform the way of learning and benefit both students and teachers at the same time. If you have an intense craving for education, read on!

ASAP Science

ASAP Science is one of the most popular educational YouTube channels that covers all sorts of the minute to complex science-related issues in a nutshell. On this channel, you can explore the fun side of science and educate yourself on various scientific issues. ASAP Science has more than 8 million active subscribers and features approx. 194 educative episodes that you can watch to learn something new.


Next on our list comes CrashCourse which is another one of the best education YouTube channels available out there. CrashCourse is power-packed with tons of educational sources of different genres. From sociology to computer science, CrashCourse offers you endless opportunities of learning something new in the most simplified manner. This educational YouTube channel is highly popular amongst the millennials and has more than 9.95 million active subscribers from around the globe.


If you have a thing for tech and electronics, then this is your ideal pick. TechnoBuffalo covers almost everything about electronics, latest gadgets, product reviews in a much idealistic and educative approach. John Rettinger is the founder of the TechnoBuffalo educational YouTube channel that features more than four thousand videos and has around 1.5 million subscribers.


You may have generally experienced kids asking you a lot of questions, right? They are literally all about questions like “Why, how and when?”. So, if you need to clinch their curiosity, VSauce can be your helping mate. VSauce is an amazing platform that quite beautifully explains everything that’s going around us. It explains all the laws and causes, allows you to solve philosophical puzzles and has probably everything that you need to be inspired about Earth. VSauce has more than 14 million active subscribers and can prove out to be a great platform where students and kids can see life with a unique perspective.


TED-Ed is another popular educational YouTube channels that features an entire library of educative content. TED-Ed is a massive community of educators and learners from around the world, who share a common mission of serving great ideas. On TED-Ed, you will get answers to all your questions, and you can explore and widen your knowledge by learning something new every day. TED features more than fifteen hundred educative videos and has over 10 million subscribers.

Life Noggin

Life Noggin is one of the coolest YouTube channels where you can build your knowledge block by block. Life Noggin is intended to teach you something new about life through their educative videos and animations. From basic everyday things with which we struggle on a daily basis to complex issues, Life Noggin covers it all in a most simplified way. On Life Noggin, you can be educated on various topics related to science, pop culture, history, everyday things and more. Life Noggin has more than 2.5 million active subscribers to date and has an exclusive library of approx. 370 videos.


Epipheo is an amazing YouTube educative channel with an artistic touch. Epipheo creates some of the best-animated content that tries to keep the audience engaged out of curiosity. It offers an overall learning platform ranging topics from valuable stories to everyday life things. Epipheo teaches you how to get things done, while you learn something new and creative in each video. It has a growing subscriber list of more than 113K followers.


So, folks, this wraps our list of best education YouTube channels where you can add a spark to your learning and creative skills. YouTube offers an enormous platform where we can educate ourselves while being entertained. We hope you make the most of these educational YouTube channels to broaden your knowledge and diversity. And yes, don’t forget to tell us which one is your favorite in the comments box below.