Let us begin this journey with a simple explanation as to what exactly is this software? Stellar Photo Recovery Tool is a software utility that is designed to recover and restore your lost Stellar Photo files. What it does is scan your digital photos and select those that are safe to copy. It then makes a back up copy of the selected files. After making the backup, the software utility will then erase all the files except the safe ones.

The problem with losing your data is that it could have been accidentally deleted or damaged by a computer virus or deleted by an unknown person or group. Stellar Photo Recovery Tool then comes into the picture and makes an exhaustive search of your selected images to locate the ones you wish to restore. From the list that is returned, it will show you the location of each image so that you can easily locate and restore them all. Since this is an online application that does not require installation on your PC or laptop, you do not have to worry about downloading all those heavy-duty software applications and other drivers.

The good thing about this tool is that it has an extensive database of recovered data. It also has a feature that allows you to search for a file by its extension – this way, you will easily determine if it is a valid file or a corrupted one. You do not need to spend your time in deciphering its contents – this is done for you.

The Stellar Photo Recovery Tool has a few important settings that you might find useful. Among these are the ability to restore to different formats including JPEG and RAW. It also has a thorough list of all photos that you are working with. If there are a lot of photos that you are trying to recover, this tool will automatically save them all in one go. This is very helpful in situations where you are trying to retrieve multiple photos from one destination.

The Stellar Photo Recovery Tool also allows you to recover your pictures using different types of cameras including Nikon, Kodak, Canon and Fuji. For your convenience, it also includes basic editing features like renaming, cropping and red eye removal. The editing functions are very basic and may take some time to learn. However, they are convenient when you really need them. In addition, the Stellar Photo Recovery Tool also supports the Microsoft Windows operating system as well as Mac OS X.

There are two modes in this software. The first mode can be used to recover your lost photos or videos directly from your hard drive. You can select files from the library that you want to recover, and Stellar Photo Recovery Tool will browse your selection. Photos or videos that have been saved to a different location will not be displayed. You can also select the date and time that the selected images were captured. The advanced mode lets you specify which photos should be recovered and which ones should be deleted.

Stellar Photo Recovery Tool can be purchased online from its official website for a minimum of $99. The software can also be downloaded free from the official website. Upon purchase, you will receive the software in a Zip file. Uninstalling the software is also easy. Just click on the “installation” tab from the main menu.

Stellar Photo Recovery Tool has many features that make photo retrieval fast, easy, and reliable. You can quickly locate lost photos or video footage with the aid of this software. This tool is very user-friendly. It scans all types of media including Photo CDs, DVD disks, and digital cameras. You do not need a technical degree in order to operate this powerful software.