The discovery of  how to make money with a blog , was for many people, the first step in creating an extremely profitable and pleasant Internet business. The number of people who make a living with their blogs grows around the world, and when I talk about earning a living, I talk about living it very well, since it is possible to earn a lot of money by creating and managing a blog.

Maybe you have never gone more deeply into this topic, because you do not know the various options available to make money with a blog. Therefore, Google AdSense team  of course,  has prepared this guide to give an overview of the various income – generating opportunities through a blog.

Before we start talking about how to make money with a blog, we must clarify that to be successful in this business it takes a lot of dedication. Do not think that a successful blogger works two hours a day and then goes for fun. To earn money with a blog dedication is necessary, organization and planning.

Many people started in that business as a hobby or hobby and today make a living doing that. There are several options for monetizing sites and we can use them alone or in combination.

It is a great illusion to think that for the simple fact of creating a blog and publish anything inside, money will start to appear out of nowhere. As in all activities, it is necessary to be well organized and work hard.

The first step to make money with a blog is the platform

To make money with a blog we need to have a publishing platform, a software so that a blog can be created. This platform must be really good and flexible and you can implement the ads, which will be the biggest source of income.

WordPress, as a content management platform used throughout the world, and better yet, free, is the platform and one of the ways to earn money online.

To work with WordPress you will not encounter difficulties. On the Internet there are thousands of tutorials on WordPress. If your intention is to do it in a very professional way and you want to know how to create a web page or blog in a more effective way, you can take a course on blogs and therefore make it more feasible to live in this world. After installing the platform, it is time to start producing the content and start earning money.

Where does the recipe for a blog come from?

There are basically two ways to make money with a blog. The first way is to sell advertising space and the second is to sell some type of product on your site, usually infoproduct.

In both cases, it is essential that the blog has enough successes and we have to have relevant content that is interesting to the public. The best thing is to focus your blog on a specific niche or topic and create content that really awakens interest and helps people.

We can not think about going out and copying the articles already published on the Internet, it will not work. The development of your own content is what will guarantee the success of your blog. The first tip to learn how to make money on the Internet is: hard work !

How to get advertisers for your blog?

Incredible as it may seem, the simplest part of everything is that. The first advertisers will come from what is known as Affiliate Programs and it works in the following way.

You only have to sign up for one of these affiliate programs and the company will pass a code to insert in the blog, so the ads of that company will be displayed on the blog. Every time someone clicks on this ad, or a sale comes from the people who clicked on those ads, the remuneration will come, depending on the type of Affiliate Program.

How to make money with a new blog

If the blog is new, the first customer is Google! That’s right, the first advertiser of a new blog with more frequency is Google through the Google Adsense program  .

It works in the following way. First you must open an account in Adsense and set up your ads and then copy the code and paste in the areas in which you want to publish the ads.

Each time an ad receives a click, the advertiser pays a certain value to Google and he reviews a percentage of the value for the blogger. The money will stay in a Google account that is reviewed from time to time for bloggers. Very simple The secret to making more money with AdSense is to optimize the value of this click.

Advertisers who pay for sales

A second group of existing advertisers, which will surely interest those who want to know how to make money with a blog, are the advertisers who pay for the sales made on their blog. These affiliate programs pay a commission for sale and are becoming more common.

A well-known affiliate program is Amazon, which offers several ads to monetize your blog. This is a very interesting option for those who are beginners and want to make money with a fashion blog or other theme.

Sale of own or third party info products

Another way to make money with blog is the sale of info products. After becoming a reference in your area, you can develop e-books and perhaps courses to sell online.

If you want to know what to sell on the Internet, there is the answer; his knowledge in a certain subject.

As nowadays we do not have time and the need is increasing to specialize to get a good place in the job market or even in the world of entrepreneurship, people are looking for manuals and training to help them in this regard. This is the opportunity to earn money with Info products.

Ad direct sales

Once the blog gets a considerable number of visits and become a reference in its segment, then it is time to start sales of the advertising spaces directly. This is one of the most lucrative ways to earn money with a blog. This is the way most successful bloggers that offer advertising space, has the highest revenue in their blogs.

Companies look for sites that talk about a certain topic or niche and that are linked to their products and services and end up finding blogs an optimal option. The companies themselves are behind the blogs that are really interesting, and then the owner of the blog will manage that hiring. Creating and managing a blog, is a great way to earn money, attracting more and more people and entrepreneurs for this segment.

To make money with a blog you have to dedicate yourself

Sweet illusion, believes that the life of a blogger is easy. The modern blogger is versatile and multidisciplinary and in addition to working with the editorial side you should also take care of the optimization edition for search engines – SEO, social networks like Facebook and other forms of online disclosure.

You only make money with a blog if there is dedication and a lot of work, because really entering this segment that is increasingly competitive, only the best and most dedicated is that they manage to stand out, as well as in any other area. The speech that the thing is easy is just one of the myths about making money in AdSense and other programs.

After understanding and knowing how to make money with a blog, it’s time to start billing. How about creating your blog right now? let’s go up friend.