Emerging Trends in Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity balloon could burst anytime if you aren’t aware and prepare for that!

Well, year 2019 was full of events and incidences of cybersecurity threats and perception that had architected the policies and trends for year 2020. While year 2019 was one of the busiest years when it comes to innovations to deepen cybersecurity especially for businesses and common people. 

Taking the legacy from last year, we are expecting more investment and innovation in cybersecurity infrastructure in year 2020. Now that people and businesses are more aware of these emerging threats, we are also optimistic to see some rise in preventive measures from cybersecurity attacks. 

We have discussed with many experts and cybersecurity professionals to draw emerging tends in cybersecurity for coming year to understand how this industry is going to shape in coming decade or so. 

Why we need to invest in cybersecurity infrastructure today?

Well, we can’t wait for cybercriminals to sneak our passcodes to steal our money or break our home locks. We can’t either wait for ransomware attacks or similar events when our businesses fell prey to deadly attacks losing money and reputation. 

Now that we know prevention is better than cure, it’s time to invest heavily (for sure) in cybersecurity infrastructure at all levels. While governments are more active on this front now, we also need to do our bit as we can’t solely rely on efforts by your local or federal government. 

While cybersecurity investment starts from securing your phones and computer with free anti malware software to investment in cybersecurity professionals and infrastructure if you are a business owner. 

Top Cybersecurity Trends in 2020

More Investment in Automation

This is one of the top cybersecurity trends that indicates how important it is going to be to secure at home and in offices while avoiding minor loopholes. Relying on automation is more like ensuring full-proof security. All large organizations and governments are researching and using artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data to understand how cybersecurity threats could be negated. While the global spending on information security products and services was anticipated to be valued at US$ 106.6 billion, up from 10.7 in 2018, It is expected to reach US$151.2 billion by 2023, with a CAGR of 9.4 percent.

Endpoint Security

Next fastest cybersecurity trend is more investment in endpoint security. Be it end point security at WhatsApp to make your messaging secure to billion of dollars of investment by tech giant BlackBerry for Cylance acquisition to ensure cybersecurity remain intact. While there are number of such examples where organizations are pumping large portion of their money to avoid cybersecurity threats. All these efforts are meant to ensure end point security for al your devices and communication. Here, broad technology vendors are relying highly on endpoint detection, protection and response capabilities. 

Cloud Security Issues

With heavy infrastructure investment in cloud servers and management, still there is a lot that needs to be addressed. The recent incidents when millions of client’s data records were stolen by an employee Paige Thompson at Amazon Web Services has only explored how prone is cloud security to various threats. With major Public Cloud vendors Amazon AWS, Google Compute Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure we are only going to see more investment and enhanced security mechanism to ensure data security. 

People are more aware

You can consider it as a good sign that people are more aware about cybersecurity threats and they are taking all necessary measures to keep their data security intact. Despite that, there is a big community of online users that needs to be aware about emerging cybersecurity threat. To meet the need, organizations are investing more on awareness campaigns. You can see this in their ad campaigns or even behind the back cover of free anti malware software that you have bought recently. Alerts are everywhere to make you aware and protect from unnecessary threats. 

Smartphones need to be secure

When majority of your data is stored on your handy mobile device, it becomes important to keep it safe. Knowing the importance of smartphone security, companies are putting more money and manpower to come up with better security for mobile devices. End point security is one of these measures followed by tech giants. Even a free antimalware software could be effective deterrent against cybersecurity threats. Thus, there is lot to do when it comes to comprehensive security for your mobile devices. 

So, this was a quick discussion on emerging cybersecurity trends. If you love to keep tab on cybersecurity trends, do follow our next posts for more information on cybersecurity industry and updates.