With the advent of content management systems, building a website has become easier. Among the many available CMS, WordPress tops the list with a market share of 34.4%, according to these statistics by W3Techs. This shows the popularity of this CMS platform, making it the #1 contender when compared to Joomla and Drupal.

But why is WordPress so popular? Why should you choose WordPress for your website? Well, here are a few reasons that’ll help you make an informed choice. Let’s take a look!

Open-Source Content Management System

As open-source software, WordPress is free to use. You can download it right now and start using it, without any licensing fees. You can change/alter/modify existing codes to suit your needs. It also offers free upgrades to the latest version. In all, to start a blog or to build a WordPress powered website, you don’t need any major investment apart from a domain name and hosting, which are available at affordable rates.

Easy To Use, Update and Manage

WordPress comes with a user-friendly dashboard that makes using it a hassle-free task. Even beginners, with no technical knowledge, can use it efficiently. It also allows you to update and manage your entire website right from a single unit. The best part, there are many useful plugins available that makes maintaining a WordPress website easier. Thus, with WordPress all is taken care of; be it website updating, managing, or maintaining. Wonderful, isn’t it?

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Wide Range of Plugins and Themes

The next best thing about WordPress is the availability of a range of plugins and themes. WordPress plugins help you add important functionality to your website, whereas WordPress themes ensure that you can create a website as per your requirement. Most WordPress plugins & themes are free to use, however, there are also premium plugins & themes that you can buy at a minimal cost.
When selecting a plugin or a theme check for reviews online, and check when it was last updated. It is also important to check what kind of support is available if the theme or plugin is premium. Also, before you download a theme or plugin, make sure that it is compatible with your version of WordPress to avoid conflicting issues later on.

Robust Security

WordPress is supported by a large global community, who ensure that all vulnerabilities and loopholes are fixed before it becomes an issue. This makes it difficult for a hacker to hack your website. There is also consistent updates for core WordPress as well as plugins & themes. More importantly, WordPress offers a plethora of security plugins that ensure all cyber threats are dealt with be it spam, malware, virus, among others.

WordPress also offers easy integration of SSL certificate, which is another plus point. It also comes with in-build password protection features. The best part, it offers you a competent backup solution via backup plugins. This ensures all your database is safe, and in the rare event your website gets hacked, you can easily restore it with a single click.

Integrated SEO and Social Media

To improve brand visibility, and to grow your online business, investing in internet marketing techniques like SEO and Social Media is important. WordPress comes with integrated SEO functions, which ensure your website is well-optimized for users and search engines and compatible across all browsers.

It also provides you with great social media features that allow you to easily integrate various social media accounts, as well as, schedule & share posts across multiple social platforms at a click of a button. Thus, with so many benefits, it only makes sense to choose WordPress for your website.

Seamless Content Management

Content marketing is important if you want to increase organic traffic and to improve the site’s ranking on SERPs. Content is also the key factor that largely influences your SEO and social media campaign. Thus, with WordPress, you can seamlessly manage all your content from a centralized unit.

From writing a post to scheduling & publishing to adding images & alt text and meta tags, you can accomplish all this from the WordPress dashboard. It also lets you draft post that needs further editing and automatically saves your work as you type. What’s more, it offers a preview option before you hit publish, and also helps detect duplicate content via plugins.

Community Support

WordPress is open-source software built by a dedicated community consisting of web developers, academics, and other professionals. This ensures that you have large community support at hand always, should you need help fixing an issue or for any other queries. This ongoing community support is free for all users, and you get a chance to network with the global WordPress community.


WordPress offers you all the features and functions that are required to run a successful online business. It is great for bloggers, small business, as well as large enterprises. It offers you eCommerce solutions via WooCommerce plugin, should you want to build an eCommerce store. It also offers you the options of creating a multi-lingual site, simply by installing & activating Polylang or other similar plugins.

Thus, with so many benefits and the support of a global community, if you are looking for a CMS to build a website, then WordPress should be your top choice. You’ll love it for sure!