MilesWeb Magento Service : Blazing Fast Magento Hosting Provider in India

People are taking their store online, are you still in the queue? Stop waiting and start earning from your eCommerce business.

Ecommerce has become the most successful online business, may it for any sector. Right from vegetables to toys, everything is getting sold online.

Do you want to start too?

Here’s a guide on how you can do so.

First of all, you will need an eCommerce site containing all the products that you wish to sell.

We suggest you build a Magento site. The reason is, it is specially designed to accommodate all types of products that are present in the eCommerce site.

There are very few hosting providers, that offer you Magento hosting separately, and MilesWeb is considered as the best option among them.

MilesWeb offers you LiteSpeed Web Server + LiteMage Cache for your Magento sites.

By deploying LiteMage on your Magento website, you can experience the superior website speed. It is also a solution to the slow loading of webpage’s during high traffic spikes. The enhanced tag-based cache management system ensures that your Magento store’s pages are served immediately when requested without any interruption.

MilesWeb also offers Windows and Linux shared hosting, cPanel and Plesk reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, DigitalOcean and AWS cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, SSL security, etc.

With MilesWeb you get 2.42 seconds of average Magento site speed.

MilesWeb has four Magento hosting plans namely M1, M2, M3 and M4.

Why should you use LiteSpeed + LiteMage with Magento hosting?

Following are the reasons of using them together, that you may not know:

1) It Provides Magento Specific Caching –

LiteMage cache uses the Edge Side Includes (ESI) so as to punch holes in the web pages where information gets change from visitor to visitor. So the every next visitor’s information can be stored freshly separately.

2) It Provides Static + Dynamic Caching –

Static + Dynamic caching improves the features of Magento sites. There are other options available for Magento caching like PHP opcode, NGiNX, and Varnish, but from all these LiteMage is considered as superior in terms of Magento 1 and Magento 2 speed test.

3) It Consumes Less Memory –

LiteMage uses minimum compute to server content because it is deployed on the server-side and uses the ESI mechanism.

4) It Loads Pages Quickly –

It reduces page load time by collecting the full-page content by combining all the received responses. It also removes the chances of creating an individual request for retrieving each block separately, this, in turn, improves the Magento page load speed.

5) It Crawls Fast –

In Magento hosting, crawling takes place immediately as soon as the LiteMage is installed. All your Magento store pages get crawled automatically and warm up the cache which in return provides optimum load speed to each visitor.

6) It Provides SSL Support –

LiteMage provides SSL support, which ensures that users’ information remains authenticated with encrypted session tokens to avoid any kind of hacking.

7) It Provides DDoS Protection –

LiteSpeed has a built-in anti-DDoS feature that defends the Magento store. LiteSpeed also protects your site from common HTTP attacks that Magento 1 and Magento 2 websites are prone to occasionally.

8) It Supports Multiple View and Ajax –

To support multi-currency, multi-store and multi-user groups LiteMage uses support for extensions like Ajax-based cart.

These are the best LiteSpeed and LiteMage features. Now, let’s look at Magento hosting features that you get from MilesWeb.

1) Redis Backend and Session Cache –

Magento performance is enhanced by Redis as an in-memory backend and session cache. Also, it accelerates the Magento backend; add to cart and checkout features.

2) Optimized Server –

Magento provides powerful and extensive features that make it resource intensive. MilesWeb servers are optimized to ensure that your site functions swiftly and efficiently.

3) CloudFlare CDN + Railgun –

All Magento plans from MilesWeb come with CloudFlare’s CDN and Railgun. They have over 100 data-centers so that your Magento store loads faster for your customers present across the globe.

4) Free Magento Installation –

After purchasing the hosting plan, you don’t have to pay anything additional for Magento software. It is completely free to install and can be installed as many times as you want. The Magento is installed free with your desired hosting plan.

5) Magento Consultancy –

Handling such a huge online store can get hectic sometimes, and if the site starts showing defects then it any is worse night-mare. Thus, to save you from any possible miss-happenings, MilesWeb’s expert team guides you from time to time to help your eCommerce business grow. They take the responsibility of upgrading and provide suggestions on plugins from time to time.

MilesWeb makes sure that you don’t get lost during your hosting journey and thus they provide:

1) 24/7/365 Support:

Get in touch with them anytime and the team is always happy to serve you.

2) 99.95% Uptime:

To ensure that your eCommerce store is always working for customers, the Magento site hosted at MilesWeb gets 99.95% Uptime.


Instead of buying any other hosting for an eCommerce store, it is always advisable that you use specially designed Magento hosting. Magento hosting with LiteSpeed and LiteMage ensures that the eCommerce store is secured and runs efficiently.