How To Revive Your Marketing Strategy Using Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is currently a hot topic in the social media world. It was officially launched in August 2020 in many countries such as the USA, India, and European countries. Ever since Instagram Reels was rolled-out, its consumption rate is spiking up consistently. India, one of the countries with higher Instagram users, witnessed a 3.5 % rise in the average time spent by its users since the launch of reels. In this article, we take you on a ride that will give you insights to uplift your social sales by using Instagram reels. 

Craft Fascinating Reels Effortlessly:  

There are sufficient features on Instagram reels using which you can make it look engaging. Besides having strong content, the way you present it will play a massive role in making the content go viral. AR filters are attention-grabbing elements that can ignite anticipation in the viewer to look further into content. The Instagram Effects Gallery is home to a wide range of AR filters. You can easily find the filter matching your content and incorporate it into your reels videos. You can also avail of Trollishly service, which will drive quality traffic to your reels. 

On the other hand, you can easily find the scintillating background score from the Instagram music library. The library has a distinct collection of songs and soundtracks of various genres. Hence, you can spot the track matching the mood you wish to convey through your reels. Thus, Instagram itself offers all the sources that are essential to creating a fascinating reel. You will also get access to the filters that overlay your reels. Hence, all you require is strong content that can please your audience.

Drive Generation Z Through Reels:

Instagram reels can be utilized to enhance your brand popularity among Generation Z. Because this age group is more conscious about the duration of the videos. They use to skip the videos that are lengthier than usual and give preference to minimal duration videos. Instagram reels are shorter duration videos lasting between 15-30 seconds. Hence, these videos are highly consumed by Generation Z. Social media marketers have opined that this age group has inculcated the habit of switching to reels as soon as they open Instagram. So if you are selling your products to this age group, you must have an active presence on Instagram reels.

Repurpose Your Content: 

Instagram allows reels in all parts of its app, such as Stories, Explore Tab, and Feed. Hence, reels videos can reach a larger audience. So, you can take any of your past videos that went viral, trim them, and rollout in the reels. Thus, the new audience watching the reels will be intrigued by it and check your page. Since repurposing content is a huge hit already, re-uploading it through reels will also garner the same reception. So, take any of your past hit contents, alter them, and rollout them in the reels.

Pick The Influencers Wisely: 

The consumption of Instagram reels is only about to rise further in the years to come. So if you opt for influencer marketing, you have to pick the influencer who will be suitable for Instagram reels. Because, rather than other forms of content on Instagram, reels are anticipated to be viewed largely in the coming years. So, only if the influencer you collaborate with can create engaging reels, you can make your brand popular. So, keep Instagram reels in mind while choosing the influencers from now on. Look into his past videos. If he has posted intriguing videos at minimal duration, then you can join hands with him for your brand promotions.

Works Best For Promos And Highlights:      

The shorter duration of reels has its very own benefits. It works best to share memorable moments. For instance, let us consider that you have recently conducted a musical concert in Las Vegas. You can take the best moments of the concert, merge them and create a reel. You will definitely have the best-looking footage and snaps for the 15-30 second duration reels. The renowned NBA team LA Lakers has been utilizing reels to its fullest potential. You can find reels in their official handle after their matches. The reels will encompass the highlights of the past match with nail-biting moments that are presented in an intriguing manner with AR effects. One of such reals has become a massive hit with over 4.1 million plays. So, reels have to be utilized in such a way by showcasing the crucial moments of an event.

Final Thoughts:

The Instagram algorithm has also begun to give priority to reels over other forms of content. People are finding a consistent number of reels in their Explore tab. Notably, short-duration videos are only expected to have good engagement in the coming years. So, give a vast preference to Instagram reels in your social media marketing strategy.