How To Protect Your Business From Illegal Reviews

The Internet can be a very useful tool for businesses if it used correctly. While it provides companies with a channel of communication to connect with customers, it’s also far too easy for false information to be spread by those with an ax to grind. This could be a serious problem, as more than 90 percent of those ages 18 to 34 say they trust Internet review sites as much as personal recommendations. 

Companies today have to be conscious of how online reviews can affect their reputation and what they can do about them. This includes understanding whether or not removing reviews may be possible. In most cases, there’s little you can do about them unless they violate the site’s terms of service in some way. Businesses should also be aware that if you are facing an excess of negative online reviews, legal action probably won’t save you because most of these comments are protected by the commenters’ First Amendment rights. 

Even if you feel there is nothing you can do against the rage of disappointed customers and their keyboards, there are a few different courses of action to take. Knowing how to recognize fake posts and accounts can help you plead your case to the website that hosts them and possibly even have them removed. There also are various approaches you can use to turn these negatives into positives for your business. The accompanying guide contains some vital information to help you protect your business.