How good is satellite vs. Cable on TV and the internet?

While researching and subscribing to an internet service provider, we usually get two options to pick from and it’s usually satellite or cable TV. Internet is an essential commodity, something we learned during the global pandemic too and entertainment + information kept us going through the series of lockdowns. 

Working from home, distance learning/teaching, ordering something online staying in touch with everyone, and staying informed at the same time – this list will always remind us of quarantine life. Even today, while looking for bundle deals, most of us prefer packages from the same provider. Getting all or more than one service from one provider enables us to pay everything under one bill, at a discounted price and enjoy some perks too for example spectrum cable packages. You get an option to choose one package that meets your needs and fits your budget in one place whether it’s a satellite or cable service provider. 

In this article, however, we would be focusing on which is better, satellite or cable TV, for enjoying internet and TV services. We have compiled a quick checklist for you to analyze all the options you have around you and make an informed decision. So, let’s get started:  

Cable vs. Satellite


Cable operators provide you attractive bundles consisting of TV service plus internet at affordable prices. Though, for it to functions, the user has to buy equipment like a single outlet, cable, and modem or setup box for installation. It depends on your residential area, e.g., if you live in apartments, it is the best choice for you to select cable service for internet and TV. 

However, for availing of satellite services, first of all, you have to buy a dish and set up boxes for both TV and internet to function. The dish and kit come with a lifetime guarantee, you have to buy only monthly packages typically online at affordable prices.  


Before selecting any service, you should check out different packages offered by both satellite and cable. It could be time-consuming but this activity assures you money-saving by choosing affordable packages with more services. 


Satellite offers a vast variety of channels with HD live streaming as compared to cable TV service. If you have subscribed for the premium package, you can enjoy unlimited channels over months at an affordably priced package. 

High definition means high standard! It is totally up to you. What package is a high standard according to your choice? What you need and what you can afford!

If you want to watch HD, you should check the respective provider and what they offer. It varies from provider to provider, some might even charge you an additional fee for HD channel(s). 

And what about channel selection?

Satellite TV provides unlimited HD and live streaming of TV shows and sports events as compared to cable TV. That offers better streaming of regional and local channels to keep you updated. As said earlier, it is totally up to your taste!

Customer Satisfaction

Choices among different age groups are different. For a joint family, Satellite TV is the best option to entertain them in a better way. According to the reports of the ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index), the satisfaction level of customers is low as an index of 62.1 only. Also, cannot overlook the fact that customer satisfaction relies on more than one factor ranging from service quality, prices, options, features, add-ons, customer or technical support, glitch-free services, packages that are a good fit for the entire household, channel lineup, free or paid options and so much more. 

What makes you (more or completely) satisfied? It depends on you. 


Comparing both satellite and Cable TV services, the equipment for initial startup, but for the satellite services, you have to pay more expenses on dish and modem. Though, that’s one time. If you are selecting Cable TV services, it requires a small wire to attach with neighborhood connection and you are all set to enjoying your services. There is a lifetime guarantee in case of satellites, you have to pay less amount of charges as compared to cable TV services per month. Now it’s your choice, which service is best in your residential area! 

Final Verdict

We have explained all the factors that can enable you to determine which one is the best fit for you and your household.