Windows is an advanced operating system. Most of the computer systems around the world use it. It has the largest user base and it still keeps growing. But even after all of it, users can still run into problems, issues, etc. and find themselves stuck. They are not technically trained enough to start troubleshooting on their own and also lack the confidence to do anything. There are a lot of errors and in all honesty, not everyone can be expected to learn about all there is to the computer. It is a lot and requires a lot more hard work to completely understand it. One such problem occurs while using MS Outlook and gives off the [PII_EMAIL_20DF769630EDCDD016F8] error code. Now there can be a lot of reasons behind this error [PII_EMAIL_20DF769630EDCDD016F8]such as multiple user accounts, too much cache for the system to handle, old and obsolete software, corrupted copy and what not. Whatever the case is, one cannot proceed without resolving it. So how can one do it?

Let’s have a look on how you can resolve this issue and move on with your work again.


1.Get rid of cache

Cache and cookies are the temporary files that are used by not only outlook but also by many other apps like web browsers, video, photo and sound editors. This information is stored in small files on the system itself. And yes for different apps it serves different purposes, like for editing apps these files will store information about editing and the current project, what all changes you have made, etc. This information is finally used while exporting out the project and till then it supports the project file inside the app. After exporting the project, it becomes useless but that doesn’t mean that it will stop existing. Similarly, cache and cookies for web browsers store information while the user is using them. Like what site they are visiting, what kind of products they are interested in, etc. So whenever the user will open that page again, he will be able to quickly access the page, as most of the information is pre-loaded and much more. So here the function of temporary files is to enhance user experience.

Now let’s see how we can get rid of it.

Simply getting rid of this data can help you with the situation. Close the app and launch it after 5 to 10 minutes. Before starting, press Windows keys + R to launch the run command dialog box. Here type %temp% and press enter. Now the temp folder will open, here you will have to click select all the contents inside the temp folder using Ctrl + A and then press delete. Now go to Recycle Bin and select all the temp files from there and select delete. After you have gotten rid of all such files, restart your computer and then check for error [PII_EMAIL_20DF769630EDCDD016F8] again.

2.Are you using an outdated version?

It may be possible that you are operating or working on an older version of the outlook application and haven’t updated it in a while. The new updates of not just this application but of other applications as well, are quite important. They are released after a lot of research and contain a lot of important elements. A lot of users don’t update these apps as they like the current version and its features and don’t want anything to change. But new versions of the apps not only bring in new features but also contain many bug fixes and other patches which are really important for the smooth running of the application. Go to Add or remove programs in the control panel and uninstall the Outlook app. Install the updated and version from the Microsoft store. Launch the application and check for the issues.

3.Use Web Application version

Okay so if your issue is still not resolved even after following both the above steps. You can try the next one. It is one of the ideal and most preferred solutions for this error [PII_EMAIL_20DF769630EDCDD016F8].Okay so now you will have to select the Outlook Web Application from the Navigation menu, you will have to click on the options button which is present in the right corner at the top of screen.

In there you will have to select the light edition checkbox and then save it. Now you will have to sign in with your pre-existing credentials in the MS Outlook.

So these were the steps that I wanted to share with you regarding this error [PII_EMAIL_20DF769630EDCDD016F8]. Hopefully it should get resolved as of now. If you are still facing issues with the app then I suggest you contact Microsoft’s customer support as they will be able to help you in the best way possible.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for reading!