The competitive business world concentrates to connect to customers in several ways. Effective packaging plays a key role, where just a glance is vital for customers to understand and get enticed for the product. Creative and perfect packaging is what sells the product to the customers. Every product, industry, and business follows certain unique challenges in their packaging. The elegant appearance, design and flexible packaging are few facets that draw in customer’s attention. Every business knows the power of packaging and it conveys the customers about why the brand and product are unique.

Any creative packaging solutions should make sure to stand out of the rest in this competitive market world. A simple design is what makes the product packaging effective. The main characteristic in packaging is to develop a compelling or emotional engagement about the product with the customer. Visual equities play a key role, hence can be employed in packaging. Creative packaging is important to strive and sustain in today’s competition. Let’s glimpse through a few interesting facts about creative packaging.

Interesting facts about packaging 

  1. Mushroom packaging

Many businesses are progressively adopting mushroom-based packaging for products. Fungi categories are the sources from which these packaging materials are obtained. The best trait of mushroom packaging is that it doesn’t harm the environment. The other interesting facts of mushroom packaging are that its decomposition period is 30 to 90 days and is not a menace to organisms that ingest it. In that manner, JBM packaging is more conscious about the environment and follows such interesting facts in their packaging process.

Environmentalists Fretful about plastics as a peril to biodiversity can opt for mushroom packaging. Mushroom packaging is pressed into the required shape and fits perfectly around the products. With such innovative packaging, decomposition is made easy at home too where it’s broken down into non-toxic matter and leads to a culpability free dispose. Planet conscious customers would opt for such products in their shopping journey.

  1. Leaf plate packaging 

The state of the art routine in packaging food has taken a new form. The brand new toxin-free, eco-friendly, compostable, bio-degradable leaf plates are into action. These watertight leaf plates are perfect as they grab customer’s attention and paves way for building the brand. Participation and attention grabbing of customers are encouraged with such interesting packaging ideas. The right audience identifies and follows such packaging and adds a triumph factor to the business events.

The other alternative is palm plates which are considered safe for the environment and perfect alternative to plastics and other tableware. The best characteristic of these leaf plates is its first-rate quality, sturdiness, and versatile option for storing food. Many brands are planet friendly and opt for such interesting ideas.

  1. Packaging peanuts

The new trend is the biodegradable peanut used for packaging. These are the least harmful to the environment and an alternative to polystyrene counterparts. The interesting fact about this creative packaging is that it breaks down quickly, as it touches the water. Also, these packaging peanuts do not cause peril to sea life and animals and also leave no waste behind. The production part is also benefited as it utilises less energy. They are used for packaging of all sizes and hence are encouraged by many shipping organizations.

  1. Carton water 

Do you know the real fact that million plastic bottles are bought globally each minute? This results in massive waste ending up in oceans causing detriment marine animals and birds. For businesses using plastic bottles should understand the harm happening to the environment and swap to carton water. With recycled newspaper and cardboard with a plastic liner inner is made and tagged as paper water bottles. This holds water without crumbling. The environment is protected to a greater extent by such kind of packaging.

  1. Corn starch packaging 

Polystyrene material’s main drawback is its failure to biodegrade. Hence corn starch packaging comes into play these days. With biodegradable property, corn starch packaging is made from polylactic acid making it a planet-friendly solution. Economical wise corn is easy, cheap and sustainable to produce and hence can be considered as a good alternative for polystyrene. The material is safe for food as it’s resistant to food oils and fats. Many businesses opt for this creative packaging technique and join the planet friendly brands.


Planet-friendly aspirations have been the main reason for many brands these days and hence opt for such thought-provoking facts of creative packaging. The JBM packaging is also one of the lists that are working with an eco-friendly approach in packaging methods for their clients. Their innovative team is their strength as they explore solutions and come up with new creative ideas in packaging. They concentrate mainly on declining cycle times and waste and results in safe packaging. The pattern and styles of packaging are enticing and exciting too. Hunt the site and get to know more unique ideas regarding creative packaging.