I am writing this article main purpose is my friend website got this error I will search for solution but I couldn’t find more solutions as well as exact solutions, I really worried more why we are not getting from Google search engine at that moment I feel after solving this issue I want place article no one worried like me. Here I Place step by step procedure for solving “This website is temporarily unavailable please try again later error.”

“You are Website getting error in search engine like this”

First go to your website hosting account either go daddy, or blue host, hostgator, and many more.

Login to Go daddy account with username and password

After Login to your go daddy account you shown the following


2.DNS Zone File


Go to DNS Zone File

At that you observe CName (Alias) in that you are adding host Name

Now click on “Add a record “on top corner of the dashboard

If you are already add Hosting address it show the below image showing error (“the specified CName is already exist in our records”)

At this moment check again your DNS field you already add your host CNAME we have to do some modification on existing Host so just add your missing field.

Hosting field Filling with Below data

Host: WWW

Points to: ghs.google.com

But now clearly observer “points to=ghs.google.com” is missing

So just click on edit button replace” points to” address with ghs.google.com

Click on finish button and save changes on top corner of the account.

If you are not adding Cname address just click on add record in that place www on host ,ghs,google.com on points to.

After adding click on finsh button and save changes in top corner of the dashboard.

After completion of adding CName wait for 1 hour the website is working properly.

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