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How to give Admin Permission to another person in Blogger

How to add title and alt tags to blogger Images for begginers

Do you want to add admin for your blogger/website? Not sure how to add admin from your Gmail account. Admin privileges to someone in blogger is used for maintain multiple admin, authors at a time

Granting Admin Privileges to Someone in Blogger?

Blogger contains great option to choose up to 100 blog Admin, authors, editors or contributors, and readers. Providing admin permission to others it is based on full trust over your partner. This necessity comes because other want change anything in your blogger suppose you don’t have knowledge on HTML, Do you want to change template look? you are giving a permission for edit html in your blogger. Options are more you trust your editor gives admin option otherwise simply gives readers, editors, author’s option.

Login to Account: First login to your blogger username and password. After Login go to your blogger dashboard->Select Setting from left side of menu->under setting->basic

Blogger->Settings->Basic->Permissions: Here we are have add authors option.Click On Add authors button

Invited Accept your request

Your blogger is added to other Maintaining Blogs.

How to remove admin rights in blogger

You are giving admin rights for others they are unutilized your blogger now you want look for back your admin rights. Back up your admin right is the easy process simply goes to->permission->click On->Invite author->Click on cross button.

After Clicking Cross button the admin, author permission are completely deleted they are not access your blogger completely.

Granting admin permission to others through we have advantages as well as we have disadvantages so try to give admin permission trusted persons.

We hope this article is helped you to learn How to granting admin privileges to someone in blogger and How to Remove admin privileges to someone in blogger.

How to Add Description tag Manually to Blogger for beginners


Add Meta Description tag

Adding Description for Individual Post

Descriptions for Individual Posts neither are nor enabled default it is in Disabled Mode. So manually we have to enable that Option. Here I place Step by Step Procedure How to Enable Description Option in Blogger.

Goto Blogger Dashboard: Login to your Blogger with your username and Password.

Blogger Dashboard->Settings->Search Preferences: After Login to your Blogger account Dashboard appears. In Dashboard we have setting option in left menu of Blogger Dashboard. Select Search Preferences within settings.

Meta Tags->Description->Disabled [Edit]: In Search preference we clearly observe thing is Description default Disabled Now we have to enable that Option.

Description [Enabled]: After Clicking Edit Button it asks your Search Description Page is Enabled Yes or No Buttons are appear. Default it set to No your Select yes button Enable description page for Blogger. Here We are add only 150 Character but in individual post No Limit but try to add only 160 character that is good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Enable Description for Each post in blogger

Description in Post

Use of Adding Description to Individual Post

You are getting doubt what is the use of adding description to each post how it is useful for me. Here I clear your doubt Adding description for post is specify the overall post intention. Suppose your publishing post in Face book or LinkedIn you automatically getting post title and Description under title. User read your post title for understanding what is the post he read the description your specifying description is related to your post his place attention to read your post. Adding Description not only for user’s impression/understanding purpose it is helpful to get first in search engines type related keyword.

Adding Description for Home Page

Description for Home Page is empty Place your blogger description manually. So manually we have to enable that Option. Here I place Step by Step Procedure How to Add Description to home page in Blogger.

Goto Blogger Dashboard: Login to your Blogger with your username and Password.

Blogger Dashboard->Settings->Basic: After Login to your Blogger account Dashboard appears. In Dashboard we have setting option in left menu of Blogger Dashboard. Select Basic within settings.

Basic->Description: Add your Blogger/website specified Description. In this we clearly Place what is the Blogger/Website, What is the use of Blogger/Website. Blogger Description allowed only 500 characters within characters place best explanation about Blogger.

Use of Adding Description to Home Page

Adding Description to home Page is Helpful to specify Goal of Blogger/Website also helpful for getting front in search engine typing related keywords to our blogger/Dashboard. In these we place only 500 character try to place description in the form of Keywords. Depending on your Description the blogger ranking is displayed in all search engines.

How to Promote your Business Through Email Marketing



Hi friends today I will place very interesting topic Email Marketing. Many business persons get confusion and trouble on using email marketing. Many of them don’t know the uses of email marketing how email marketing is helpful to business. Today I will explain why email marketing, what is email marketing, how does email marketing work, benefits of email marketing. After reading those topics you definitely get clear clarity on this topic. And you have a business you are definitely using this marketing strategies otherwise you are suggest for your business friend to use this marketing strategy.

Why email marketing?-Reasons to select email marketing

Present we are having so many digital marketing channels in those selecting best one is difficult to us. Every channels had unique identity in this world we are not saying this is best among all. Only we can do selecting suitable channel for our business depending on your requirement.

Popular Network channels are SMS Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, and ORM etc. All are top 10 marketing channels in around those one who are good in performing better to get new clients and maintaining relationship with existed clients with affordable price. I prefer email marketing for my business because I know the usage of email marketing and I will get the benefits through email marketing. The main reasons to select email marketing among all because it is reliable, comfortable, we are easily build our creditability, easily generate calls from customers, maintaining strengthen relationships, boost your sales easily, ability to reach customers on any devices, and increasing web traffic etc.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is very helpful to create and get and strengthen the quality of relations with the audience, and helpful to increase the repeat purchases, and providing a facility place new offers and knowing audience opinion.

Email marketing is a direct communication marketing we are communication with customer through electronic mail (email). We are sending email to bulk customers for maintain relationship with existed customers and have a interest to interact with new customers this email marketing can be done for sending ads, placing offers, reporting issues, placing company overview, and building trust.

How does email marketing work?

Present generation follow up the latest technologies and creating trends. They are interestingly participating in all social media networks like face book, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and pinterest etc. Many of them maintaining all networks but they are change them instantly can’t maintain these account permanently but coming to email they are hassle to change. The reason? Email is the best and most reliable way to communicate.

Email Marketing Features

Features are very helpful to say exactly what it is? How it can be benefitable compare to others?

Here I can identify some features of email marketing these we are calling email marketing advantages/benefits.

1. Done Direct Communication with Customers.

2. Checking status about delivering messages.

3. Having a facility to see how many members are clicked and delete and reengage.

4. Placing ads with no cost.

5. Maintain relationship with existence customers

6. Forming new customer cycle.

7. No setup charges required.

8. Best selling and promotion platform.

9. Mediators are not required for promote our brand image.

10. Easy to create

11. Easy to maintain

12. Maintaining customers database

13. Help to building trust.

14. Offering discount for customers.

15. Sending wishes.

16. Robust

17. Reliable

18. Flexible

19. Affordable price.

20. Knowing technology.

Finally want I am saying is Email marketing cheapest in cost and more profitable in business so try for your business and get instant traffic /result. I always update the latest updates of email marketing in future posts, thanks for reading my post and you feel it is helpful please share to your friends through social media networks and I am doing any mistake or you want to give any suggestions please comment on comment box.

Increase your Facebook Page Likes Easily in 2019


Step by Step Procedure for How to Add Facebook Like Box

I would like Discussing about what are necessity we have to add Facebook like box in Blog. After Google the famous and popular social networking site is Facebook. As per My enquiry Facebook users per Month is $1.200 million users. For getting traffic or promotion through Facebook is more. When you are publishing post on Face book you get more response like more Likes and shares from user it means your post is useful, interesting and unique. Interesting user/people like your page and follow-up your latest updates. You directly show the user interest on your blog through Facebook Page. Another benefit is we are providing facility to like your Facebook page directly.

Are you Ready for Adding Face book like box to your Blogger?

  • Search for Facebook like box in Google
  • In that Have Page Plug-in
  • After Click on Page Plug-in your get the following
  • Facebook Page URL: Add your Facebook page URL
  • Place your Facebook Id
  • (
  • Tabs: Display displayed photos either timeline, Messages, Events.
  • Width: Width of the page.
  • Height: Height of the Page.
  • And Checkbox tool in selection box
  • Use Small Header
  • Adapt to plug-in container width
  • Hide cover photo
  • Show Friends Faces
  • In the above choices place your preferred choice manually and after selecting Click on Get Code button. After click on the link it will display some code.

How to Add Code in Blogger?

  • Goto Blogger Account with your username and password
  • In Blogger Dashboard click on Template button on that click Edit HTML
  • In Template code search for <body> tag it will display the body tag and Just copy the first code and paste after opening of <body>tag.
  • Next save the arrangements.
  • Next Goto blogger Dashboard and click on layout Button on that select your preferred place (left, right, top, and bottom) for adding Facebook like box in your layout.
  • Take HTML/JavaScript gadget for adding code. Just page second display code on Gadget and save.
  • Now Refresh the page and check its working or Not.

How to solve this website is temporarily unavailable please try again later error in Blogger


I am writing this article main purpose is my friend website got this error I will search for solution but I couldn’t find more solutions as well as exact solutions, I really worried more why we are not getting from Google search engine at that moment I feel after solving this issue I want place article no one worried like me. Here I Place step by step procedure for solving “This website is temporarily unavailable please try again later error.”

“You are Website getting error in search engine like this”

First go to your website hosting account either go daddy, or blue host, hostgator, and many more.

Login to Go daddy account with username and password

After Login to your go daddy account you shown the following


2.DNS Zone File


Go to DNS Zone File

At that you observe CName (Alias) in that you are adding host Name

Now click on “Add a record “on top corner of the dashboard

If you are already add Hosting address it show the below image showing error (“the specified CName is already exist in our records”)

At this moment check again your DNS field you already add your host CNAME we have to do some modification on existing Host so just add your missing field.

Hosting field Filling with Below data

Host: WWW

Points to:

But now clearly observer “points” is missing

So just click on edit button replace” points to” address with

Click on finish button and save changes on top corner of the account.

If you are not adding Cname address just click on add record in that place www on host ,ghs, on points to.

After adding click on finsh button and save changes in top corner of the dashboard.

After completion of adding CName wait for 1 hour the website is working properly.

Friends this article is very helful to who are suffering with changing this problem so please share to your friends through social media networks like facebook,twitter,googleplus,linkedin etc.

How to Use Tools in PhotoScape V3.7


PhotoScape Usage for begginers

If you’ve got PhotoScape V3.7 and aren’t sure how the tools work, this guide can help.

Follow the below Steps

Review all the options. 

After opening your PhotoScape you get all options like editor, batch editors, pages, combine etc. Select the one tool among all.

Screen Capture: 

It can be used for capturing images. Here we have an opportunity to capture full screen, or capture window, and capture region.

After capture the Image you can edit the image in your own style. For editing purpose photoScape contains some tools. Those are

1. Home: Place our preferred frame in this section.

2. Object:

  • Write a text on image
  • Input Speech balloon
  • Input pictures, clipboard images and icons.
  • Input Icons: cartoons, makeup, heart, office, and pencil etc.
  • Input various fonts and colors
  • Select a symbol from symbol
  • Line mode, straight Line Mode, Start Mode, Circle Mode, rectangular box mode etc.
  • Color Picker

3. Crop: crop the image in your preferred size.

4. Tools:

  • Screen Scroll
  • Red Eye Correction
  • Mole Removal
  • Mosaic
  • Paint brush
  • Clone Stamp
  • Effect Brush

5. Zoom in and Zoom Out:

6. Undo and Redo and save Options.


It is The Advanced tool it split image into multiple parts. We are split the image in small parts. We can lace the width and height of each part, and also place rows and columns


Image can be printed directly and also insert multiple images in one page and gives print.

Animated GIF:

GIF Means Graphical interface format. We can create graphic image


Combine More Images within One image. Here we have Add button for insert more images in one image either vertically or horizontally.

Option Available:

Size Fitting: They have drop down Menu for selecting size. The following are Available options

  •  Set the reference Size
  •  Maintain the original Size
  • Set the first Photo Size
  • Set the Big Photo Size
  •  Set to small photo size

Extra Options are Columns, Canvas, Reference, Resize ratio, Outer Margin, Intervals of photos, round, margin color, frame, file name selection etc.


Place Images in our preferred manner. Insert More Pictures on One Image.

Batch editor:

Drag more Images in one place and start you’re editing in your preferred manner.


Drag single images and start your editing.


View the picture location in your system.

Paper Print:

Print different pages in different styles.


Rename your existed Picture name

Color picker:

Pick your Color

Raw Converter:

Convert your raw images to JPG.

How to Backup/restore Template and Content in blogger for Beginners


Template is gives best impression for readers in Blogger/website. So placing best/user friendly template is necessary so now learn how to change new template and backup existing template and content in your blogger.

How to change/Backup Template in My Blogger

Are you looking for change template in your blogger, this is the right place for your question. Do you want to change your blogger template this means you are not satisfied or trouble with your existing template?

Before changing a template I would like to say some tips about Template selection. Many of the blogger do one mistake i.e. disqualified template (I mean not user friendly).Google verifies your blogger is user /SEO friendly or not? So be careful on that try to place User friendly template.

First Download/Design template in your system. I feel you already know about How to create blog and How to Search free blogger Templates in search engines. Here I would like say about changing/backup template in your blogger.

How to Change New Template for Blogger

  • First goto your blogger dashboard
  • On dashboard you are observing Template Option.
  • Click on Template on the left menu of your blogger dashboard.
  • After Clicking you are getting Backup/Restore in top-right corner.

  • Just Click on dashboard and click Backup/Restore.
  • Now you are observer Download Full Template option Click on that.

  • Save to your computer.
  • Now your Template is Backup and saved successfully in your computer.

Sometimes Content is Not backup so you also backup your content. Now I explain How to backup your content.

How to backup your content in Blogger

  • Goto Blogger Dashboard->select setting->others

  • Check for Backup content.

  • Click on that and save your content on your system

Now you are successfully Backup template and content and also change new template.

For learning more about Blogging follow my future posts. Do you have any doubts about blogging or any mistakes I can do please comment on comments box. You like my post please share to your friends because sharing is caring.

10 Secrets to Hire the Right SEO Company in India


Search Engine Optimization has become an indispensable part of digital marketing. With increasing businesses each day, your business needs to stand out by employing the different strategies of internet marketing in India. Choosing the right agency can be a daunting task, especially when there are so many digital agencies out there. If you are confused about the ideal SEO Company, here are a few secrets that you need to keep in mind:

It Should Offer a Site Evaluation Guide

A site evaluation guide is an analysis of the site, which gives you the details of its structure, design, ranking and so on. They carry out an SEO audit and based on that they offer a customized strategy to improve the SEO performance of your website. They must give advice and provide a troubleshooting guide for enhancing the performance of the website, such as speed, content, web design, link structure and so on.

Tools for the Right Keywords

Keywords are important to get targeted traffic to your website. You need to make sure your agency understands your niche and also knows where your audience will come from. It is essential to find out which tool the SEO agency uses to do its keyword research. Also, they should offer you a competitive analysis of the keywords.


This is a very crucial aspect for improving the SEO of the website. Is the agency offering backlink? If yes, gauge the quality of the links. High-quality backlinks from reputed sites can get your website the attention and credibility you desire in your niche. You must also ask your agency about the technique for gathering backlinks.


A good agency will quote a reasonable price for its services. They will be transparent and upfront about any costs involved. Remember high costs do not guarantee quality service. You should know what exactly you are being changed for and also be aware of the standard market rates for the same.


SEO needs meticulous planning and work to get results on time. Remember that none of the SEO companies India can guarantee you rank on the first page of SERPs within a week or in a matter of a few days. If you see any agency making such tall claims, they are just baiting. A standard SEO campaign will take at least 6 to 18 months to be effective. SEO needs continuous maintenance, support, and upgrades. Hence, there are no shortcuts to good SEO.

SEO Techniques Used

Pay attention to the SEO strategies being used to increase your website ranking. Avoid companies that use spam advertisement in order to rank higher in the SERPs. You must avoid any form of dishonest techniques to increase ranking. A good SEO company will oversee that your website is not violating the guidelines of the search engine as you may be removed from the Google Index by doing so.

Ensuring Quality and Targeted Traffic

It is vital to understand the difference between targeted traffic and normal traffic. One of the primary objectives of SEO is to get more traffic on your website. However, not all traffic is good traffic. You need genuinely interested people to visit your website. Targeted traffic can be brought to your website by making use of the right kind of keyword. Try focusing on the quality rather than the quantity of the traffic on your website. The ideal SEO agency will create relevant content for distributing it across all your channels and help you in getting the right kind of traffic to your website.

Transparent about Deliverables

An agency must be transparent about the deliverables at all stages. An SEO company must have a defined course of action for getting the desired results.


In a nutshell, a good SEO company is transparent, accountable, up-to-date, follows the best industry practices and offers competitive pricing.

How to Make Money with Your Blog in 2019


The discovery of  how to make money with a blog , was for many people, the first step in creating an extremely profitable and pleasant Internet business. The number of people who make a living with their blogs grows around the world, and when I talk about earning a living, I talk about living it very well, since it is possible to earn a lot of money by creating and managing a blog.

Maybe you have never gone more deeply into this topic, because you do not know the various options available to make money with a blog. Therefore, Google AdSense team  of course,  has prepared this guide to give an overview of the various income – generating opportunities through a blog.

Before we start talking about how to make money with a blog, we must clarify that to be successful in this business it takes a lot of dedication. Do not think that a successful blogger works two hours a day and then goes for fun. To earn money with a blog dedication is necessary, organization and planning.

Many people started in that business as a hobby or hobby and today make a living doing that. There are several options for monetizing sites and we can use them alone or in combination.

It is a great illusion to think that for the simple fact of creating a blog and publish anything inside, money will start to appear out of nowhere. As in all activities, it is necessary to be well organized and work hard.

The first step to make money with a blog is the platform

To make money with a blog we need to have a publishing platform, a software so that a blog can be created. This platform must be really good and flexible and you can implement the ads, which will be the biggest source of income.

WordPress, as a content management platform used throughout the world, and better yet, free, is the platform and one of the ways to earn money online.

To work with WordPress you will not encounter difficulties. On the Internet there are thousands of tutorials on WordPress. If your intention is to do it in a very professional way and you want to know how to create a web page or blog in a more effective way, you can take a course on blogs and therefore make it more feasible to live in this world. After installing the platform, it is time to start producing the content and start earning money.

Where does the recipe for a blog come from?

There are basically two ways to make money with a blog. The first way is to sell advertising space and the second is to sell some type of product on your site, usually infoproduct.

In both cases, it is essential that the blog has enough successes and we have to have relevant content that is interesting to the public. The best thing is to focus your blog on a specific niche or topic and create content that really awakens interest and helps people.

We can not think about going out and copying the articles already published on the Internet, it will not work. The development of your own content is what will guarantee the success of your blog. The first tip to learn how to make money on the Internet is: hard work !

How to get advertisers for your blog?

Incredible as it may seem, the simplest part of everything is that. The first advertisers will come from what is known as Affiliate Programs and it works in the following way.

You only have to sign up for one of these affiliate programs and the company will pass a code to insert in the blog, so the ads of that company will be displayed on the blog. Every time someone clicks on this ad, or a sale comes from the people who clicked on those ads, the remuneration will come, depending on the type of Affiliate Program.

How to make money with a new blog

If the blog is new, the first customer is Google! That’s right, the first advertiser of a new blog with more frequency is Google through the Google Adsense program  .

It works in the following way. First you must open an account in Adsense and set up your ads and then copy the code and paste in the areas in which you want to publish the ads.

Each time an ad receives a click, the advertiser pays a certain value to Google and he reviews a percentage of the value for the blogger. The money will stay in a Google account that is reviewed from time to time for bloggers. Very simple The secret to making more money with AdSense is to optimize the value of this click.

Advertisers who pay for sales

A second group of existing advertisers, which will surely interest those who want to know how to make money with a blog, are the advertisers who pay for the sales made on their blog. These affiliate programs pay a commission for sale and are becoming more common.

A well-known affiliate program is Amazon, which offers several ads to monetize your blog. This is a very interesting option for those who are beginners and want to make money with a fashion blog or other theme.

Sale of own or third party info products

Another way to make money with blog is the sale of info products. After becoming a reference in your area, you can develop e-books and perhaps courses to sell online.

If you want to know what to sell on the Internet, there is the answer; his knowledge in a certain subject.

As nowadays we do not have time and the need is increasing to specialize to get a good place in the job market or even in the world of entrepreneurship, people are looking for manuals and training to help them in this regard. This is the opportunity to earn money with Info products.

Ad direct sales

Once the blog gets a considerable number of visits and become a reference in its segment, then it is time to start sales of the advertising spaces directly. This is one of the most lucrative ways to earn money with a blog. This is the way most successful bloggers that offer advertising space, has the highest revenue in their blogs.

Companies look for sites that talk about a certain topic or niche and that are linked to their products and services and end up finding blogs an optimal option. The companies themselves are behind the blogs that are really interesting, and then the owner of the blog will manage that hiring. Creating and managing a blog, is a great way to earn money, attracting more and more people and entrepreneurs for this segment.

To make money with a blog you have to dedicate yourself

Sweet illusion, believes that the life of a blogger is easy. The modern blogger is versatile and multidisciplinary and in addition to working with the editorial side you should also take care of the optimization edition for search engines – SEO, social networks like Facebook and other forms of online disclosure.

You only make money with a blog if there is dedication and a lot of work, because really entering this segment that is increasingly competitive, only the best and most dedicated is that they manage to stand out, as well as in any other area. The speech that the thing is easy is just one of the myths about making money in AdSense and other programs.

After understanding and knowing how to make money with a blog, it’s time to start billing. How about creating your blog right now? let’s go up friend.

How to make money on YouTube with a video channel in 2019?


How to make money on YouTube? Making money on YouTube is still a big dream for many, unfortunately, it is not so easy to become a YouTube star and many are not sure of the money that can be earned on a YouTube channel.

The publication of videos on YouTube, which began lightly, as a real joke in a generation that discovered digital media and tools to edit their videos, has become an industry that moves millions of dollars around the world.

For those who do not have the slightest idea of how to make money on YouTube, today at we are going to break down a guide that will show you how to earn money from home with an Adsense YouTube channel.

How does YouTube work from a commercial perspective?

YouTube is the world’s largest video community and the undisputed market leader in countries across the hemisphere. Consequently, the platform is interesting for companies looking for a way to place their advertising. In theory, companies can reach many potential customers through the channel of well-known creators. This can take advantage of YouTuber. All you have to do is register with the YouTube Partner Program   and link your account with Google AdSense. This allows them to monetize their uploaded videos by allowing companies to advertise in the video environment.

If your clips contain protected material that was not produced or created by you, you need the written approval of the person or company for commercial use. The following contents are protected material:

Song titles or sections for which shared revenue is excluded

Music in general (including cover songs, lyrics and background music)

Photos and other images or graphics.

Film and television photos.

Images of video games or other software.

Live recordings (sports, concerts, shows, etc.)

How can you make money on YouTube?

The initial idea of YouTube, founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim , was going to be a social network where people could post their videos and share them with other users, not much else.

The idea worked and in a short time this network became one of the most used all over the world, to the point of drawing the attention of Google , which ended up buying it on October 9, 2006 .

To pay for the service, Google has used commercial ads, among these videos and other actions in the tool of its program of sponsored links, Google AdWords, one of the most used in terms of digital marketing worldwide.

With that, the opportunity was created so that participants of its affiliate program known as Google AdSense could also earn money on YouTube.

With the inclusion of AdSense ads in the videos, each time the ad is clicked, the advertiser pays a certain value to Google through the AdWords sponsored links program. If you click on the ad shown on your YouTube channel, you get a portion of that payment, if you are participating in the AdSense program.

How much does YouTube pay per subscriber, view, like and click?

If all the criteria are met, especially with regard to content quality and copyright, you can register for the YouTube Partner Program.

Actually, it’s a branch of Google AdSense, which automatically shows ads and ads on your own YouTube videos.

But why do you get money from YouTube?

How much does YouTube pay per subscriber ?

A common question is whether to get money for your subscribers. That is not the case.

Therefore, it does not matter if you have 100, 1,000 or 10,000 subscribers. For these you do not have money. Of course, the number of subscribers affects other things, such as the number of video views. See below.

However, in the USA UU., Paid YouTube subscriptions are now available, which in turn means revenue for the creators. But in Germany it does not yet exist and if this happens it is difficult to estimate.

How much does YouTube pay for me ?

Unfortunately, that does not exist. No matter how many people positively rate your video, you will not receive money for it.

But, of course, there are also indirect effects here, which in turn have a positive impact on revenue. The best rated videos end up in the YouTube search and, of course, get more video views again.

How much does YouTube pay per view ?

Now we are in a proportion that really has a direct impact on revenue. Advertisers can opt for different ad formats on YouTube.

And as a creator, you can also unlock one or more of these types of ads for your own videos.

Most ads or ad types work according to the CPM principle. So here it is counted by advertising number. The more people see the ads in your YouTube videos, the more you earn.

There are no YouTube numbers themselves, but most creators report an average of $ 1 in compensation for every 1,000 views in your videos.

For me, revenues were around $ 1.80 for every 1,000 video views this year.

To earn 1,000 euros per month, you need between 500,000 and 1 million video views per month. That’s a hell of a lot. And you do not really have a full-time income.

One reason for not so high revenue is the AdBlocker, which is now also frequently used on YouTube.

How much does YouTube pay for clicks ?

Also for clicks you can earn money on YouTube. Here you can see the origin of AdSense especially.

However, advertisers decide whether they want to advertise by click or by view. So you can not influence that. If you want to earn revenue per click, you must activate the “ad” and “overlay ad” ad formats for your own videos, because only these offer the payment offer.

So, in addition to looking at ads, clicks are also very useful to earn more. However, these revenues are included in the aforementioned 1-2 euros per 1,000 visits.

Depending on the content of the video, the country and the corresponding advertising, the clicks can be well above average and really worth it. But you have to try it yourself.

Do you want to become a Google partner?

The big problem with Google to see the ads it sells in AdWords is the quality of these videos, and that’s why it pays good videos with a percentage of what Google is paid to insert these ads in their videos.

For you who are wondering how to make money on YouTube, I can guarantee that this is the easiest and most profitable way to make money with Google, since you can create videos that arouse the interest of the public in some way.

This will be achieved by creating your own videos, which motivate people to visit your channel to see their videos published, which will ensure a ticket to make money on YouTube.

The first steps to make money on YouTube

Now that you have understood the potential for earnings on YouTube, we will see what will be necessary to make it a true income generating machine. The first thing is to create an account on YouTube to start your channel.

Once you create your account you will have to create and configure your  YouTube channel , a special environment in which you will post your videos and show AdSense ads to make money on YouTube. Channels on YouTube are extremely customizable, so we advise you to study the options and get the most out of the tool.

Produce good videos and check in with them

In the same way we do to earn money on Facebook, you need to produce quality content on YouTube so that your site can receive thousands of visits. Your videos should attract attention and have quality for people to share that video and subscribe to their channel. A channel on YouTube that gives money even part of three basic points: Content, Disclosure and Subscribers . With this well-tuned trio, your chances of making money on YouTube are virtually guaranteed, and the return will only depend on your efforts.

Now when you are asked how to make money on YouTube you will already have a good answer: Generate visualizations. The same, the profitability of your channel is directly related to the number of views that your videos have and that’s why you have to spread a lot.

Why not?

The more people access their channel and their videos, the greater their profits, therefore, the business is to attract traffic to the channel.

You should set up a good dissemination strategy on social networks mainly, such as Facebook and Instagram, so that people find out about the publications on your channel.

Another thing you should do is to optimize your videos for the engines, implementing SEO techniques that generate traffic to your channel. The concept has the same approach as SEO done on websites, but with some specific techniques for videos.

Optimize your video with SEO techniques

Another important suggestion for those who want to know how to make money on YouTube is to apply SEO techniques to their videos. To get views and consequently clicks on your ads, you have to find it, and for that, the first step is to submit your video to an optimization process for the search tools.

There are several actions and measures that you can apply in your videos that make them stand out in searches, both internal YouTube and external, and Google, for example. Organic traffic is an essential tool for you to earn real money in this area.

Transform your blog into an ally in the dissemination of videos

If you have a  blog, another way to make money on the Internet is  quite feasible, you can embed the video of your channel in your messages and thus give more exposure to the videos.

You can see the evolution of access to your channel and the number of views using YouTube Analytics, and if necessary, promote the changes that are necessary to increase the visibility and performance of the ads.