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How To Use Guest Posting To Increase Your Traffic And Rankings?


One of the reason because of which you are not receiving traffic for your site is you are not able to indulge in the guest blog posting. It is the time you know how powerful tool is guest blogging for your new blogging website. You may be excelling in a field but there are a lot of other bloggers who have excelled in the same field as yours. You need to find these people and collaborate with them so that you can write a guest blog for them. 

If you are still wondering what guest blogging is then it is a service you offer the other bloggers so that you can provide with some kickass content and they provide you load of exposure and high-quality backlinks. You associate your blog with the high authority website so that you can show what you can do. It is like giving the world a chance to see your magic. Thus, it is an incredible way to increase your worth and authority. It also sends the qualified traffic to your blog post or maybe in your author bio line. 

So, as you know that guest blogging is a way to score brownie points for your website, you need to clearly define your goals before you approach any established blogger. What exactly do you expect after you provide your guest post blog services? Do you want to drive traffic to your blog? Or do you want to increase your ranking on the Google search engine? Do you want high-quality backlinks so that you can grow your search engine rankings? Or is it that you want to establish the authority of yourself in that particular field? Whatever your main aim is, guest blogging will help you achieve all of them. 

As already set in the precedent, guest posting is a powerful tool to generate traffic and also increase the subscribers to your website. But the approach you make to your guest blogging is a lot more different. You need to make sure it is in the right way and not indulge in any black hat practices. Get a little bit of training and then see your guest post blog service paying off. Here are a few ways you can use guest posting to increase your traffic and rankings. 

  1. Develop a strategy

As they say, developing a proper strategy is a half battle won. Hence you will find success if you come up with an effective strategy. Thus the next steps will tell you how to build a relative strategy. 

  1. Build an online platform for yourself.

Be it your social media following or your interactions, it is required for you to take time to build some online screen presence. Keep having talks about general topics every day but build some engagement around you. People should wait for your discussions to spring up. This way when you suddenly announce a guest post blog link in the discussion, the audience would be curious to see what content you have curated. This is one way to increase traffic. 

  1. Good content always is the king

Even SEO should bow to the top-notch quality of the content. No grammatical error, free of plagiarism and properly structured content is considered as top-notch. You need to come up with something original if you are expecting a great ranking. 

  1. Identify the best guest blogging opportunities

So, when you are trying to contribute to your blogging opportunities, make sure that you have some audience who are looking forward to your content. Don’t end up choosing niches that overlap your niche goals. Stick to the opportunities that are of your niche.

  1. Create a lot of epic blog posts

You need to know that the competition over there is cut-throat. So every day you need to just slay your performance. Don’t hold back to create some epic content and create something that comes with the best abilities of yours. Bring in all the creative content you have been thinking over.

Don’t be shy to experiment. You need to show that each of your blog posts is of extreme value. You should also not forget to stay under the writing guidelines of the website you are posting your guest blog. You need to understand that though there are limited lines of the area but when you find the right idea, stick to it and give it a good form. 


Thus summing everything up, ensure you have some great editing tools that can help you increase the accuracy of your blog post. There are different ways to gain more traffic and ranking but guest posting is tried and tested method. Build a rapport with the person who offered you this position because you are going to kill it due to the opportunity given by them. Keep repeating the whole process throughout until you find breakthrough success.

The Development of Hadoop Database and Why It Is Important?



Hadoop is generally, an open-source distributed processing framework which manages the processing of data and its storage for big data applications that run in clustered systems. It is the center of the growing ecosystem of big data technologies which are used to support advanced analytics initiatives, including data mining, machine learning applications, etc. It has the feature of handling the various forms of structured as well as unstructured data, providing more and more flexibility for collecting, processing and analyzing data when compared to the relational databases and data warehouses provide.

Development of Hadoop Database

Hadoop, formally known as Apache Hadoop technology which was developed as a part of an open-source project within the Apache Software Foundation in November 2012. It was created by computer scientist Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella to support processing in the Nutch open source search engine and web crawler. After the Google published technical papers detailing Google File System (GFS) and MapReduce programming framework in 2003 and 2004, the founders modified earlier technology plans and later developed a Java-based MapReduce implementation and a file system modeled on Google. In early 2006, when Apache became a separate subproject, Cutting named it Hadoop after his son’s stuffed elephant. In the same year, Cutting was hired by internet services company Yahoo, which later became the first production user of Hadoop. 

However, Hadoop also became the foundational data management platform for big data analytics after it emerged in the mid-2000s. After the Hadoop framework grew over the next few years, three independent Hadoop vendors were founded Cloudera in 2008, MapR in 2009 and Hortonworks as a Yahoo spinoff in 2011. Also, Amazon Web Services AWS launched a specific Hadoop cloud service in 2009 which is called as Elastic MapReduce. That was all before when the Apache released Hadoop 1.0.0, which became available in December 2011 after a succession of 0.x releases. Currently, commercial distributions of Hadoop are offered by mainly four primary vendors of bigdata platforms such as Cloudera, MapR technologies, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Hortonworks. Also, Microsoft, Google and some other vendors are offering cloud-based managed services which are built on the top of Hadoop and its related technologies.

Various versions of the Hadoop database

In October 2013, Hadoop 2.0 is available and it is followed by version Hadoop 2.2.0. The Hadoop 2.3.0 is available on February 20, 2014. The Hadoop 2.0 series added high availability and federation features for Hadoop Distributed File System, also support to run Hadoop clusters on Microsoft Windows servers and other capabilities which were designed to expand the distributed processing framework’s versatility for big data management and analytics. Hadoop 3.0.0 was the next major version of Hadoop which was released by Apache in December 2017. The new version included support for Graphic processing unit and erasure coding and an alternative to data replication which requires significantly less storage space. Usually, there are four basic or core components of Hadoop namely; Hadoop Common, Hadoop Distributed File System, Hadoop YARN and Hadoop MapReduce.


Data processing and storage

Hadoop is essential because it can store and process large as well as complex amounts of structured and unstructured data very quickly and efficiently.

The data does not have to be preprocessed before it is stored. While the organizations can store as much data they want to, including unstructured data like text, videos and images and can even decide how to use it later.

Data analysis and handling

Hadoop can analyze the data in real-time to enable better decision making.

It is scalable. Hence, companies can add notes to enable their systems to handle more and more data.

The application and data processing in Hadoop is protected against hardware failure. So, if by chance one node goes down, jobs are redirected automatically to the other nodes to ensure that the distributed computing does not fail in any case, leading to a lesser number of failures.


Hadoop is an open source technology and these technologies come free of cost, requiring a lesser amount of money for implementing them.

You can also raise the size of a cluster from single machine to thousands of servers without the use of administering extensively, using this big data tool.

It poses a great computational ability as it enables fast processing of big data with multiple nodes running in parallel.

Top 5 Tech Hacks To Make Your Life Easier, Smarter, Safer

Top 5 Tech Hacks To Make Your Life Easier, Smarter, Safer

Technology is ubiquitous and it is vital to make things easier. From work life to personal life, its presence is not only unavoidable but you in fact yearn for it. The new inventions are blessing the human world with new enhancements in mobiles, home appliances, electronic products etc. This increases the thirst to extend its use to make daily routine activities easier.

Here is a list of tech hacks that can make sure that your daily routine things become more convenient.

1.   Find your misplaced phone when it is on silent mode

Oh! That is actually a task. Those last moments when you have to rush to the office, for shopping, to visit a friend or anything else and your phone is not there. Worst is, it is on silent mode. It feels so helpless. But there are ways that can help you find your phone immediately.

  • For android users – Use Google device manager from some other device for instance tablet or laptop. Send an alert to your phone. It will bypass phone’s silent setting and the phone will keep ringing until you find it.
  • For iPhone users – Same thing can be done if you log in to iCloud on a different device. Select ‘Find My Phone’ option and then select ‘play sound’ to make your iPhone ring.

2.   Watch YouTube videos on big screen

Watching TV shows and movies on YouTube is handy but not much interesting as it is on a small screen. However, with the help of ‘YouTube TV’ you can do that. It makes watching video on a big screen, possible as well as enjoyable. For cord cutters, it is a big relief as convenience and entertainment come collectively with YouTube TV. It saves more money and also provides liberty to watch whatever you want without paying bulky amount for channels on subscription.

3.   Make a security camera from your old smartphone

The old phone that plays the role of junk in your drawer can have a graceful use now. Use it to keep an eye on your home as a security camera. Not bad! Right? For this, download ‘Manything’ on your current smart phone and also on the old one. It provides offsite cloud video storage to add to your professional CCTV camera. Through this, it is possible to monitor home while you are out. Most importantly, it is free of cost and there are countless online tutorials to tell how to do it perfectly. Use them and make your home safe.

4.   Boost your Wi-Fi signal

Why to spend money on a Wi-Fi extender to get strong internet signals? A cheaper way is present. Bring an aluminium foil and tear off a small, rectangular piece of it. Now fold the edges and create a frame and bend the foil to make a slightly curved shape. Now place it behind the Wi-Fi router’s antennae. It enhances and improves signals as well as download speed becomes better.

5.   Prevent dangerous urge of texting while driving

Not to mention how dangerous it can be to stay busy in texting while driving a vehicle. Do you also have that same bad habit? It is not good, many accidents have occurred due to this but it should come to an end now. Several apps can help you do that.  For instance – LifeSaver, OneTap apps can detect when a car is in motion and makes it impossible to send a message or answer calls until the vehicle doesn’t stop completely. Another app is Glympse that automatically answers calls and texts with a canned response. It allows people who are waiting for you to see your location and know the estimated time of your arrival.


You can consider to apply not only one but all the above hacks. Money is not an issue as all of these have no or a low cost. Just in case, you feel the need to spend some money then borrow a small amount. There are several options online that can help despite your bad credit. For instance – the installment loans for bad credit by direct lenders that facilitate small funds on instant approval decision.

Technology improves constructiveness of daily life but some hacks can improve its own productivity. Apply them and make life easy, easier and easiest.

Description – Some daily tech hacks can make your daily routine labour saving and trouble-free. After all, this is what technology exists for.


5 Things to Know Before Developing Uber for Carpenter


The instant and affordable solution availability have led to the demand for on-demand apps. Customers always look for quick and best solutions. There are many customers either looking for their new furniture installation or some other carpentry services.

Whether it comes to repair services for antique furniture pieces or work from scratch, customers are always in search of expert hands… here the demand for apps like Uber for carpenter comes into effect. Professional carpenters can easily provide quick and affordable services, through on-demand apps, for users seeking for a carpentry business. Therefore, investing in on-demand apps for carpenters is a great idea for business owners. The investment is low and the output is comparatively high. If you are planning to develop on-demand apps for business owners, then, you must consider important factors.

Five Things to know while developing On-demand apps for Carpenters

An advanced on-demand app for carpenters can help businesses and assist customers. A customer-centric approach will help solve problems, and this can only be done through the best features. Check out the following must-have requisites in on-demand apps.

Nearest Availability Option

Customers looking for handyman will find convenience only if they find the nearest service providers to get their work done. Professionals should also offer a variety of services to customers seeking for multiple services like repair, adjustment, etc. The on-demand apps should have expert professional availability that belongs to different domains. Other important information that must be included is detailed cost-analysis as per the designated services.

Multiple Payment Options

There are multiple payment options used by companies all over the world through online platforms. The same concept applies to on-demand apps for carpenters. This is the only way customers will find convenient to pay and opt for services. Even, the companies should use advanced technologies to keep payment modes secured. For example, they can use encrypted methods for additional security. The multiple options that must be available to customers are payment through debit cards, credit, and other such online platforms. Even, online methods can significantly reduce any type of fraud. Selecting and offering multiple payment options to customers is a very important factor.


Flexible booking or scheduling will insanely multiply your business. Do you know how? Users willing to opt for carpentry services or such services want their work done in a quick and with ease. If customers find your services flexible i.e. they can choose advanced booking, scheduling services or such options as per their convenience. Such options play an important role in customers’ retention. The multiple options that must be added in on-demand apps are quick booking assistance, scheduling, and services based on providers’ availability.

Tracking System

Customers taking services through on-demand apps want to get updates about professionals. This can only be done through an online tracking system. Most of the on-demand apps allow users to track updates. This is one of the most important features. Such features help customers to know about any location and insight about the real-time updates. This feature will also help in getting contact details.


Customers from different regions will use your app. So, there must be multiple language availability. Even, there must be options that can accept different currencies. In this way, customers will find convenience for accessing your apps.

Wrapping Up:

There are different features that have to be added in an on-demand app for Carpenters. The above-discussed features are basic and essential. From a real-time tracking system to a referral system, there are multiple options that you can add. Are you looking for an advanced on-demand app for carpenters? Don’t worry. Our tech-savvy at “Suffescom Solutions” will help work from scratch. We provide cost-effective options for your business.


Top Eight Organization Hacks For Your Home Office

Top Eight Organization Hacks For Your Home Office

Setting up the home office is exciting, thrilling, and overwhelming as well. The feeling of working from home is enough for the anxiety to go away.

However, if you are doing it for the first time, then there are chances of lack in the organization. If this makes you stressful, then you do not need to fret over yourself.

In this blog, we have mentioned down the top eight organization hacks that will help you in managing the home office. To know more about it, keep scrolling the blog until you reach down!

Paper Control

Remember how the papers used to pile up in at your previous workspace. Well, you certainly do not want that to happen at your home office. Therefore, it is highly advisable to get a shred/toss it system or paper management system that is easily attachable under your desk.

Before shredding them, always look at the paper so that you do not end up losing important information forever.


Another crucial organization hack is storage one. Ensure that you keep all the office suppliers in one place. So that you don’t have to shuffle at multiple places just to find something.

Besides, you can also make a DIY storage option, pencil storage organizers, and many other storage compartments on the internet.

Cable Management

Often, managing cables and wires is the trickiest task. It tangles up easily, because of which it damages the cables, dust is piled up, and becomes impossible to manage. Therefore, hide the cables and cord inside the drawer or desktop. You can also use a modish container to keep the cables. Label it with the name of the device to make it simpler for you.

File Management

Since you have started working from home; you will get more work that also means more files. When multiple files are piled up it makes it confusing in finding the one you need. Therefore, establish a file management system. Of

For each client, label the colors strip or keep it inside the colorful folders then it becomes easy to tackle the deadlines and managing the files.

Computer Desk

Now comes the most important organization and that is the computer desk. Frequently, the office employees claim of having backache, neck strain, and wrist strain. It reduces their productivity and results in ergonomic injuries.

Therefore, to prevent it from happening, we suggest you have monitor arm or sit-stand workstation that will help you in preventing the injuries from becoming permanent.

Time Management

Once you learn how to manage the time, then everything becomes simple for you. Set priority according to your deadline. Complete the most difficult task first, then carry forward.

Create a To-Do list for the day. Therefore, by the end of the day, you will know what you have accomplished. Set the time limit. Most importantly – Do not procrastinate.

Office Furnishings

The most exciting part for many of us is selecting the office furnishings. Select the office furnishings that fit in your space. If your space is small then do not get the large or bulky pieces. Opt the one that allows you to move freely and vice versa.

Nowadays, the office furnishings are ergonomically friendly, which offers you comfort, and relaxation.

Schedule Cleaning

Last but not least, schedule the cleaning of the home office. Even if you have tons of work to complete, take out some time every day to clean particular sections in the home office. By doing so it will look clean thereby increasing the productivity.

So, that was all about the top eight organization hacks for your home office. Initially, it may seem difficult but once you try the above hacks, then it certainly becomes possible for you to organize your home office. If you like the blog, then do share, and drop your suggestions in the comment section below.

What you need to know before filing your taxes?


It doesn’t matter how hard you try, there some things in your life which you just can’t avoid and tax is one of them. Every year, the tax season gives an alarming sign for people so that they can file their taxes before the deadline. Nowadays, the whole process of tax filing has changed and technology has played a major role in it. Just like technological solutions like managed IT solutions, there are now technological advancements in tax filing as well.

 Whether you are running a business or not, filing taxes successfully is very important for everyone and if you miss to file taxes before the deadline, then you will have to pay penalties and fill a form through which you can file taxes before the next deadline.  But it is always a good idea to file taxes before the major deadline as it will help you in avoiding any type of penalty. Just like this, there are many points which you need to keep in mind while filing taxes and that’s what we are going to discuss in this blog post. 

Deductions and Credits

Most of the people blame IRS for making the tax system very complicated but only a few people give credit to IRS for its credits. After all, IRS doesn’t give you only two or three options to give a fair break come tax time, but they offer you tons of ways of save money. 

Before filing taxes, it is very important for you to understand the difference between credit, deduction, refundable and non refundable. All these ways will help you in saving money but it is very much necessary to understand the difference between all these methods in order to use them wisely.

Deductions help you in lowering your tax income while credits decrease your total tax liability. A nonrefundable credit means you can minimize your tax income as low as it can go. This means you will not have to pay any taxes if you have enough nonrefundable credit.   The refundable credit either lowers down your overall tax liability or increases your refund amount if it goes below.

E-filing is necessary 

In this modern world of digitization, everything has shifted on the digital platform and your taxes are no exception to this. Every year, a lot of people fall prey to the scams and frauds just because they file taxes on pen and paper.  This traditional method of tax filing is outdated and it is vulnerable to frauds and identity theft. But you can save yourself from such types of frauds and scams through e-filing which means filing your taxes in digital format rather than submitting papers.

You can use a cloud hosted software solution like Sage 50 hosting and then file your taxes safely. You should know that filing taxes by using the traditional method of pen and paper is very complicated and difficult to manage.  In addition to this, traditional tax filing method is prone to errors as well since most of the task involved in it is done manually. So, always choose e-filing above traditional tax filing system.

Checking dirt dozen every year

You should never miss to check the dirty dozen list issued by IRS every year as it will help you to stay away from each and every type of scam and fraud.  The dirty dozen list is issued by IRS every year before the tax season and it contains latest frauds and scams which are placed in the list according to their popularity and use.  The scams and frauds used by criminals keeps changing every year and checking the dirty dozen list will help you in knowing what’s trending in the scammers market and what are the latest techniques being used by criminals in order to steal your data and money.

 So, these are the three important things that you should know before filing taxes. If you want to file your taxes seamlessly then you should properly maintain your account throughout the year.  If you will not do so then filing taxes will become a hassle for you and you may even miss the deadline. Be informed and make tax filing a pie. 

Know Who To Share Your Funding For Science Project


When you fund your scientific project in need of an emergency, you will need to make sure that you do not go overboard and spend all the money that you receive at one go. This will leave you in the same place as you were before you received the funds. This is the principle that you should follow whether it is your business funding or any important science project.

There are several lawmakers who designed a specific bill to test the universal basic income.

  • The primary idea behind this is to allow them to have a fixed monthly stipend to support their families without having to go through reams of paperwork in order to assess eligibility.
  • It is believed that this will streamline the system and help in allocating the resources more fairly not having to experience the bureaucratic bloat.

Several researchers believe that there is something similar required to be designed and used to fund science, that requires a lot of money for any specific project. It will then assure that all qualified scientists involved in a particular project is guaranteed of some funding to go ahead without requiring and waiting for the government grants to arrive for that particular project.

The goal to achieve

However, there is a typical step to follow in order to achieve the desired goal of such allocation and distribution. It is required that everyone in the team anonymously allocate a portion of the funds they receive to other researchers according to their own choosing.

This will enable the team and every member of it to facilitate the process and reach to the primary objective of the system. This goal is to let the scientists devote more time for the research.

  • This will have a dual effect. The project will have more attention of the researchers so that the entire project is expedited.
  • On the other hand, there will be proper allocation and distribution of funds to all the necessary areas of the project.

According to a study it is estimated that scientists together spent more than five centuries of time for preparing 3,727 proposals. The reviews to this prove that the quality of such massive scientific research may improve with proper funding. Now, the question is whether such a huge amount spent on such research activities are truly worth it.

Checking the feasibility of science fund

In order to prove the feasibility of such funding, the scientific community of the world are always on the lookout to explore new ways to improve the grant review. These new ways proposed include:

  • New evaluation systems
  • A modified lottery for the most promising proposals
  • Funding only those that are deemed to be both transformative and viable and others.

However, none of these proposals are over and above the bureaucratic burden and red tape issues. Considering the current funding rates, the scientists and researchers are supposed to continue with their exploration of newer ways and will spend more time than expected to applying for grants.

It is also expected that these grants will have a less-certain outcome meaning that they will have far too less time doing science.

Time for trying something radical

With so much uncertainty in such funding it is time to find out new ways and try something radical. It is expected that this radical change will bring the sort of change that has been noticed in the money lending market with the entry of the online money lending agencies such as Liberty Lending USA and other fintech companies that have disrupted the traditional banking and lending system.

In science funding, it is high time to test the feasibility of a crowd-based system that will involve several colleagues. This system is more commonly called the SOFA or Self-Organizing Funding Allocation. There are several countries that are already started pilot projects of SOFA to find the best and most effective alternative modes of funding.

This project however should be large enough so that it can fund larger projects and lasts long enough so that proper evaluation is possible. It is required to publish the evidence so that other scientists and researchers know the right pathto implement so that they can make the best of the system and reach to their goals in a more productive and effective way.

Follow the baseline

However, it is required to ensure that this process is anonymous so that it does not carry the currying favor and ensure that those who do not receive any donation still have their respective baseline.

  • Every participant in the project should follow a particular baseline and start with the same allocation of funding.
  • In addition to that, they should also allot a portion of their funds received to other scientists.
  • This will ensure that, ‘Those who get the most will give the most in return,’ which is ideally the prime objective of SOFA.

The ‘baseline’ as well as the ‘donation’ should be offered in cycles and should be repeated every year. This will ensure that the distribution of funding is proper and reflectsthe community consensus. It will help in determining who deserves it and how much.

Retaining the assumption

the funding for science should retain the assumption of the grant review which is that the scientists know it best as to who does good science and extend the process and proceeds according to all scientists involved in the process instead of a small review panel.

  • It will help them to ensure that there is a stable source of funding offered to the early-career researchers as well.
  • It will also ensure that the funders are able to develop different grant programs according to their needs and at the same time encourage a few specific areas of research such as the risky new topics.

In order to ensure these, there is a need to run a simulation assuming that every scientist funded donates to those cited. This in fact, requires a hypothetical funding distribution that is much similar to the grant review, surprisingly.

All these will ensure that the fund is allocated and distributed according to the needs.

Top 5 Must-Haves for Author Websites


When you welcome a visitor to your website for the first time, it has a lot of similarities to meeting someone for the first time. Your typical first interactions involve a lot of awkward movements, cursory introductions, and surface level speech, like, where do you come from and what do you do, and if things evolve from there, you may start to talk about things that you enjoy, like, what’s your favourite book or where do you like to go to eat. The final phase of the process involves exchanging numbers and then meeting up at that favourite venue.

Just like that first human-to-human interaction, you want to ensure that you make a good first impression with your website. You want people to stay on your website for as long as possible. In order to do this, you don’t have to do anything fancy, neither do you need to spend heaps of cash, you just need to make your site effective. Many people tend to make the mistake of trying to make their site too perfect, and they end up making something that no one would really want to visit. Whether your website is just a single page or hundreds of pages, the steps below are things that you should follow if you want to make your site as effective as possible.

 Make Site Name Visible

This means, the name of your site should be positioned, either in the centre or in the top left hand corner of the web page. Stephan King has his site name positioned in the top left corner, whereas Sarah Selecky prefers to have it in the centre. Your objective is to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to know where they are, and whose site they are on.

 Create A Way for Visitors to Subscribe or Follow You

This is a common mistake that a lot of site owners make. You visit a website that you think is great, with really engaging content, and you look for a way to subscribe to his/her posts, so that you will be notified when next they submit a post. So you search through the entire website, but find no way to subscribe to the sites posts.

There is a general belief amongst some site owners that, if a person likes a website enough, then they’ll come back as often as possible.

But the reality is that there are so many websites out there, that we often forget to. Even if a visitor bookmarks your website, there’s still a strong chance they’ll never come back. Most people need that email reminder to come back to your site. Even if your site is quite shallow, you still want to create a way for people to join your mailing list, just so you can inform your visitors, in the event of something big.


You can increase your authority and credibility through the implementation of testimonials, social proof, and positive quotes from both reviewers and fans.

You want to position strong testimonials on your site, ensuring they are short and concise. Consider the inclusion of quotes from fans, positive reviews, notable media coverage, and if you have any significant social media following, then that’s something that you should include.

One of the best places for you to position your testimonials is on your about page, sidebar and <a href=””>Home page</a>; under email sign up forms, is another ideal positon.

 Make It Responsive

The good thing is that most templates for websites today, come mobile-ready. The majority of people surf the internet on their mobile devices, which is why it’s so important that you appeal to this demographic. A visitor will spend a minimal amount of time on a website that is not optimised for their mobile device. Navigating through a website, that is not mobile ready, on a mobile device can be a very uncomfortable experience, which is why you’ll want to avoid creating that experience for your visitors. You’ll want to verify that your website is viewable on all the various devices, whether it’s your desktop machine, iPhone, iPad or Android device.

 Use a 1 – 3 Colour Scheme

Unless you’re highly proficient at designing website, I’d recommend that you stuck with something fairly simple, like a three colour scheme for your site. If you try to implement too many designs into your website, it can look quite cumbersome and difficult to look at. So you want to keep things simple, and sleek, so it’s easy on the eyes and easy to navigate through.

5 High-tech Gadgets That You Need To Buy In 2020


The Olympics isn’t the only thing you can look forward to this 2020.

The market of smartwatches have a lot of upcoming releases scheduled for the anticipated year. These brands range from luxury watches such as the Omega Seamaster, and high-tech state of the art watches from known tech brands such as Apple and Samsung.

With all the uproar surrounding these brands, it can be a bit difficult to keep up with all of the latest trends and news about these high-tech gadgets.

To help keep your thoughts more organized, we have picked out five of the most high-tech watches that are most certainly worth the buy this upcoming year.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2

In August 2018, Samsung released its first Galaxy smartwatch. Critics reviewed this as one of the best smartwatches for Android users.

Recently, reports have shown that we may be seeing a sleeker upgrade to this model sometime later this 2020. While there isn’t much public knowledge about this upgraded model, we can surely expect a couple of improvements over its predecessor.

Tech fans suspect that considering the bulky design of the original model, we could be looking at a smaller and sleeker version for its upgrade. The new galaxy smartwatch could also run on Google’s Android Wear OS for better app support.

Apple Watch 5

Apple’s smartwatch series continues to be one of the market’s top-selling global brands. As 2020 quickly approaches and the recent release of the iPhone 11, we could be looking at the next generation of their smartwatch series next.

According to some sources, the Apple Watch will become the best 4G smartwatch in history due to the rumor that it will have more advanced fitness tracking features such as five pace metrics.

There have also been unconfirmed leaks regarding a sleep tracking feature that this smartwatch will have as well as system monitors that track your body odor and the surrounding air quality.

Sony SmartWatch 4

Expectations are set high for the upcoming Sony SmartWatch 4 due to the impeccable success from its predecessor.

While its release date has yet to be confirmed, sources state that the initial release would take place sometime between late 2019 and early 2020.

A few features Sony has released about the newest addition to their smartwatch line includes Android Pay, a built-in speaker, better GPS, and better sensor options.

ASUS ZenWatch 4

The bar is set high for the upcoming ASUS ZenWatch 4.

With all the advanced features of its predecessors, what more can we possibly expect from the newest upcoming smartwatch from ASUS? According to sources, this smartwatch will come with an improved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity where you won’t need your smartphone anymore.

While there isn’t much news regarding the design of the ZenWatch 4, the highly anticipated smartwatch is said to include additional features such as Asus Weather, Remote Link, and a flashlight app that is easily accessible through the Manager App.

Because of the improved Bluetooth connectivity, the ZenWatch 4 can now also store 4GB worth of music storage.

Amazfit Bip 2

Straight from Xiaomi’s sub-brand Huami, the Amazfit Bip 2 is a Chinese smartwatch that is already certified in the USA.

According to reports, the Bip 2 smartwatch will include a few additional sports functions that its predecessor did not have such as swimming mode. This smartwatch will also include an upgraded battery life that is expected to last up to 40 days on standby.

Early reviews noted that the Huami’s new smartwatch will be focused more on its younger consumers and thus is made available in several color options and interchangeable straps.

The new Tesla can be controlled from the mobile and will follow us

The new Tesla can be controlled from the mobile and will follow us

Apparently, the creators of Tesla cars will not stop surprising us with their innovative and versatile ideas. Your new project is already indoors. And is that soon the new Tesla can be controlled from the mobile and will be able to find their owners. Remember that Tesla is the company responsible for manufacturing electric cars that have revolutionized the world of mobility. A sporty two-seater capable of reaching 300 kilometers per hour called Tesla Roadster, was the first presentation of the ingenious company in 2006. With the passage of time, its introduction into the market is increasing, offering its users a driving system advanced and increasingly comfortable.

In a short time, Tesla cars can be controlled from the mobile

Elon Musk CEO of Tesla was responsible for announcing via Twitter the launch of the Advance Summon function. This is the new and innovative update that will make the car get its owner. In addition, as if it were a radio controlled car, it can be controlled by mobile. The usual functions of Tesla cars will remain the same and one more will be added, that of ” Invoke “. This makes the new Tesla a fantastic car, which seems to be brought from the future.

Tesla’s current cars can go forward or back 12 meters alone if the driver is close to it. However, in a few weeks this will change; and locating the car in a parking lot will be more comfortable. The days are counted so that the Advance Summon function makes the car drive itself, whatever movement it needs to do it.

Geolocation system

Locating a possible parking space and suggesting it is one of the current functions of the Tesla Autopark. This is one of those that will improve because thanks to its geolocation system will park without driver assistance. It will even follow it wherever it moves as if it were a companion. For this, the new function will use the Autopilot cameras instead of the sound sensors.

The new Tesla can be controlled from the mobile and will follow us

Activate the air conditioning system and recognize traffic signals are other benefits of the new Tesla update. According to Musk, the Advance Summon function will be used when the driver is connected to the wireless function of the mobile. Also for security measures, this should be in the line of sight of the car.

An update can make a difference

You see, Tesla can be controlled from the mobile and can follow the driver as if it were a pet. The new improved autopilot function will be available in the coming weeks. And it will be compatible only with electric cars of the same brand with less than two years old. Specifically, the owners of the Tesla with version Autopilot Harward 2+ will be privileged to enjoy this software update by air.

The truth is that these brilliant minds and the advancement of technology leave us increasingly surprised. When we thought that we would only see it in science fiction, now we see a car park alone in our day today. We will even see how instead of the driver looking for the car, the car will look for its owner. But will these inventions remain here? or it will be possible that soon we will see cars on the tracks driving alone. We do not know, for now, let’s wait to see the new Tesla that can be controlled from the mobile.