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How much does AdSense pay per click and ad visits?

How much does AdSense pay per click and ad visits?

For many people, knowing how much they pay AdSense per click is a curiosity before entering this business, but when they want to know the income of digital entrepreneurs who already live from this business system.

It makes sense, since to earn money with AdSense, you will have to work hard on your blog or website and what you need to know is whether the money you earn will be paid correctly, otherwise it is better to look for another affiliate program or some other thing on the Internet.

It is important to know how much AdSense pays for each click, so you can add more information when designing your AdSense strategy, either in the design of the blog or website itself, since when deciding on ad placement.

How much does AdSense pay per ad click?

As AdSense is the final tip of Google Ad Words, and in that ad system the values to be paid by advertisers are defined in an auction system, each click has a different value. The amount paid by AdSense for clicks or views varies greatly depending on how much the advertiser pays for the ad shown on your blog or website.

That’s why choosing a good niche for AdSense is so important to the return that your site or blog can provide you with great profits.

Google AdSense passes to publishers, a percentage of 68% of the amount paid by the Google Ad Words advertiser. In this way, if an advertiser defines that he wants to pay R $ 1.00 per click on his ad, you will receive the corresponding $ 0.68 each time this ad appears on his blog and a user clicks on it.

This is one of the great advantages I see between Google AdSense and other affiliate programs, especially for those who are just starting out. In most other programs, you only receive if you make a sale on your site. In AdSense, it is enough that the visitor clicks on the ad and will already be making money.

How much AdSense pays for ad views?

Now that we’ve talked about how much AdSense per click pays, we’re going to look at the pay per view. How the CPC system works “cost per click” or the CPM “cost per thousand”, AdSense also pays the publisher for the views generated in the ads. In this case, the same criteria used to pay for clicks is 68% of the value paid by the advertiser to Google.

If a certain advertiser agrees to pay $ 10 for every thousand impressions of your ad, Google must pay $ 6.80 per thousand impressions on your blog.

How much does AdSense pay per search click?

In this case, the value reviewed by Google will be 51% of the value paid by the advertiser. There is a third form of remuneration per ad that is about the clicks given on survey pages placed on the blog or site.

In the case of clicks on personalized survey response pages inserted in blogs and associated sites, only those data in sponsored links shown in these response pages, that is, the superior links, are computed as remunerative clicks through AdSense. Those shown on the right side, if this is the case.

Now that you know how much you pay AdSense per click in your different ad formats, is that what you imagined? Do you think it’s worth it? Leave your opinion.

You Can Break Google Search by Searching for ‘Compare the Market’


Between the 12th and 13th of September this year, many Google search users noticed something odd. For every ‘Compare the Market’ search query, the engine returned a server error in the results page. I happened to be one of these surprised surfers. And at first, I thought that there was a problem with my Xfinity Triple Play Deals home connection. But then I got a call from an SEO colleague who competes with me in ranking for this very keyword, and he had a similar complaint. I sent a tweet to Google’s Danny Sullivan, who is famous in the field for his know-how of search engine algorithms. And his reply that ‘we’re working on this issue’ left me positively reeling with amazement.

Google Doesn’t Always Get It Right

I have been working as an SEO auditor for over 10 years now. And – I state this without any exaggeration– I really do live, sleep & eat Google. But in all of my engagements with the search engine, this was a first.

Google’s engineers, in a quest to come up with an almost ‘humanlike’ answering machine, are constantly involved in refining the search engine’s algorithm. They want people all across the globe to gain the maximum search value from their pet project. And to achieve this end, they roll out a series of ‘core’ and ‘extension’ updates on a frequent basis every year.

But in certain SEO circles, there has been talks recently that they don’t always get it right. And so what some of these changes actually do is damage the engine’s user-experience.

When this happens, it is usually rare for the average web surfer to make much fuss about the matter. But this problem can become very serious for search marketers. Because the professionals who belong to this field are terribly frightened of seeing a drop in their website rankings. And this becomes especially bothersome when an entire search term (or keyword) becomes unresponsive.

How else would their ideal customers come to their web portals; if not by conducting a broad search around specified keywords?

How I Personally Suffered from this Search Engine Glitch

Even though the issue has been resolved by Google, I still get nightmares on occasion because of this incident.

One of my clients’ runs a blog concerned with mobile phone market comparisons & services. And as per my contract, I have to work to get his website ranked well against a group of keywords. These are the terms that Americans regularly use to order mobile devices online, as well as to read reviews. And so my whole marketing strategy is based around enhancing the blog’s search visibility by exploiting them.

For this end, I bank a great deal on my primary keyword ‘Compare the Market’. I’ve inserted it into my website’s content in strategic places. And I make sure to mention it at least once in every blog that I pen for off-site postings. Knowing all of this, you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that I also get the most visitor-traffic because of it. And when compared with all the other keywords that I use.

So you can well imagine how very shocked and anxious I was when the term simply seemed to have ‘evaporated’ off of Google radar!

All the Money that Was Lost…

I started receiving frantic calls from my client to fix the issue immediately. He had noticed a significant downswing in visitor traffic within a matter of hours. And not understanding the cause of this upset, he could only think that I had something to do with it. I soon had him fully up-to-speed on the entire affair. But this obviously did nothing in preventing his site from losing potential customers.

The blog in question has a pop-up window from where people, after reading a particular phone review, can place their order. Part of the commission from this transaction goes to my client. He makes anywhere between $500 and $1000 daily as a result.

But at the end of this unfortunate day, the blog could only manage to rake in only $250. And this figure, on any given day, represents a sizeable dent in my client’s pocket, who is very serious when it comes to losing money.

This incident was a good personal eye-opener for me – especially with regard to the importance of keywords. After all, keywords occupy the key position in the domain of written content-based SEO.

Google Has Fixed the Issue

In my Twitter correspondence with Danny Sullivan, I came to know that there were possibly some other search terms that were also showing erroneous results. The search engine tech refused to comment any further, however. So I questioned one of my SEO mentors about the whole affair.

He had a somewhat different view of how this issue had begun and progressed.

According to him, on that fated day on the 12th, Google suffered from a partial shutdown in one of its secret databases in Europe. Till date, the company has refused to give an indication of any such happening. Let alone shed light on the reasons why something like this could have happened. A fire in the facility, or a hacking breach? Or probably some attempt at sabotage? No one other than the company’s own tight-lipped staff knows.

And knowing Google, it’s probably going to stay that way.

And Hopefully Learned From It

As a professional who relies on Google for his bread & butter, just like many other people out there, I can only hope that this doesn’t happen again. Otherwise, SEO techs all over the world would be looking at huge monetary losses on their contractors’ sites – and possibly lawsuits.

At the moment, I’m engaged in setting up a friend’s website through his subscription to Comcast Customer Service. And the search terms that we are hoping to rank for, hopefully in a month’s time, are related to online deals. As fate would have it, his contractor is still the same. And if a search failing were to occur once again, as it did in the middle of September, he would probably have a heart attack! But he’ll be sure to strangle me first…

Google My Business Rolls Out New Features for Service Area Businesses


Google my business is a tool where the local and small business can easily manage their website, blogs and their content. Google always keen on focusing the small and medium scale sector organizations to enhance their online presence and online promotion through Google my business and it enables their information on Google search and maps.

Google my business has diversified applications such as Google plus, Google maps and Google search where business people and business customers find it difficult to manage these various platforms. To overcome these challenges Google combines these entire platforms to one convenient business platform which is Google My Business.

Google My Business Rolls Out New Features for Service Area Businesses

Let us see the glimpses of the advantages that business people and customers gain through the Google My Business.

Even though there are many advantages for local and small business organisations, there is a big concern over the new areas they are located and keeping the target to specific area customers are becoming a challenge to the local business organisations. So Google My Business Rolls Out New Features for Service Area Businesses.

Rolling out to all-this states that Google My Business is going to support the businesses that still have not yet opened to the public which is confirmed by the Google officials. When we see the performance of the Google My business 90% shoppers search online when they want to identify a particular business and 70% among those customers made purchases from the business information they find the search engine.

Few changes have been done by the Google, how it handles “service-area businesses” that visit or deliver to local customers. There are now separate fields in Google My Business for you to edit your business address and your service area. When you update your business information, you’ll have the option to enter your address, service area, or both.

Now with the updated Google My Business have two options which is mentioned below.

  1. If you don’t serve customers at your business address, leave the address field blank and only enter your service area.
  2. If you serve customers at your business address but also have a service area, enter both your address and service area.

There is no longer worry about the geographical or regional challenges for your business performance as Google My Business overcomes the barriers and one needs to specify their region, city, and other required details. So adding service area a new feature has a significant impact on the local business promotion as well generates the traffic to their websites and blogs.

Twitter Accidentally Reveals Private Tweets of Android Users

Twitter Accidentally Reveals Private Tweets of Android Users

Twitter accidentally reveals private tweets of android users and it came as surprise to every android user. “Protect your tweets” has been given enabled as well as disabled option in the privacy and safety settings in twitter. Twitter support informed that they were aware of the bug raised related to the protection of private tweets where the option was disabled.

What is a private tweet? Let’s have a look about that. If you protect your tweets or enabled your privacy settings, it allows only the followers of that particular person to see the tweets and protected account tweets require each user to request to follow or simply we call it as a non public tweets.

Twitter Accidentally Reveals Private Tweets of Android Users

Twitter stated that users are aware of bug raised at private tweets and those accounts were automatically turned back even it is disabled. For instance, if any user has changed their email address then the “protect your tweets” option was disabled for that particular user. But the bug did not show any impact on the users of Twitter and IOS who uses in the website where as it impacts on the users of mobile users

Surprising to everyone, twitter also revealed that the bug has been raised a long back on November 2014 and the bug was fixed on January 14th, 2019. It also disclosed that every user has not been affected by this bug and which is the reason to reveal the issue in the public domain.

On a positive note among that, some of the impacted users have received alerts that their account has become public which enable the users to edit their settings to private. It also discloses that there is no significant impact by the bug raised related to the private tweets and it suggested to review each and every one’s privacy settings whether the tweets protected or not.

Twitter assures that they will take the precaution steps to prevent the similar incident or bugs from occurring. On an ending note it stated “We recognize and appreciate the trust you place in us, and are committed to earning that trust every day. We’re very sorry this happened and we’re conducting a full review to help prevent this from happening again.”

How to Open & Convert OST to PST without Outlook

How to Open & Convert OST to PST without Outlook

The word Outlook OST is quickly picking up prominence and an ever increasing number of individuals are getting to be mindful that it is much the same as a PST file that stores Microsoft Exchange information. On the system, an OST file stores Microsoft Exchange mailbox data in an Offline mode. Consequently, in circumstances where the Exchange Server isn’t open (for support or server downtime circumstances), clients can keep working with the OST file without interruptions. However, in some cases, OST files may be inaccessible or corrupted. If such a circumstance emerges, the primary way that you should experiment with to fix file utilizing Microsoft’s in-manufactured ScanOST utility. But, this professional utility frequently neglects to fix the issues inside the OST leaving clients stranded.Furthermore, if the OST file faces problems, it is advised to convert into PST format. In this blog, we will be discussing the process of conversion OST file to PST without Outlook, why it is required and how to achieve it.

Why OST file to PST file conversion is needed without Outlook?

Before digging into the profundities of an issue, it is always great to investigate why we require the issue in any case. Aside from circumstances where the ScanOST utility neglects to deal with a broken OST, the accompanying circumstances also request the conversion of OST records into PST format:

1. MAPI Bindings

Regularly, OST files are bound to explicit MAPI profiles. In this manner, an OST file can be opened easily on the local system where the MS Exchange was configured. If any user wants to access the data inside the OST file, a copy, paste concept will won’t work. For that, one has to convert OST file to PST file format and furthermore, that file can be moved to other local systems and access it using Outlook

2. File size limitation

With nonstop utilization, the OST files will generally grow large in size. As these, are not exactly designed to manage tremendous volumes of information. They will in general lead to corruption due to increase in size. Consequently now and again, archiving old OST data in PST format is a decent method to play safe.

3. Orphan OST

When the Exchange server account is erased which is the parent of OST file, is inaccessible or facing some issues, the OST file is viewed as orphaned. Accessing this file many times may result in errors, So the conversion of OST file to PST format and accessing of data is the only solution left.

How to Convert Outlook OST file into PST format

Below are some simple steps for the OST to PST conversion:

Step 1: Exporting OST emails to PST file format

Despite the fact that this strategy accomplishes your motivation, it is somewhat less suggested folder properties like authorizations and perspectives are not saved after exporting the email data to PST. The content part is only exported. Thus, you should consider utilizing this technique that you need to concentrate on converting the emails and that too rapidly.

• Choose File >> Options >> Advanced
• In the window, hit on Export and Select the Outlook data file (PST) as the medium
• Always remember to check the other settings such as (Include Subfolders) as needed.
• Hit on OK option.

Step 2: Archiving OST emails to PST file

Every once in a while the old data inside the OST file should be archived to keep an eye on OST file size and furthermore to all the more likely protect vital data. When we talk about archiving OST data, an objective PST file is dependably the favored decision. To accomplish OST archiving in PST, you can set an AutoArchive choice by doing the accompanying things:

• Select Tools >> then , Options >> Other >> after that, AutoArchive
• Select “Apply to all folders” option
• Select File >> then, Archive >> Run

This technique also suffers from a limitation that it unable to archive contacts

3. Drag and Drop OST file items to a new PST file

It is the easiest method. Need to Create a new PST file & afterward drag the email from the OST file to this new PST file. Always take care of one thing rather than dragging default folders such as (Inbox, Calendars, Contacts etc) as a whole, you will have to move single content with their target folder names changed.

This technique is simple but honestly who has patience or tolerance for it!

4. Using a third-party solution when Outlook is unavailable

If anyone wants to convert OST to PST file, it is recommended to use third party tool. An expert advised product for this task is OST to PST Converter. This professional utility easily exports items in an OST file to PST file format and saves the target PST file at user specified path.Final Verdict

After looking at all the various above method to execute the Outlook Offline folder file conversions and their limitations using an automated solution seems to the better option. So without any doubt use the secure and reliable OST to PST Converter and effortlessly convert OST file data to PST without any issues.

How to Increase Page Authority for Website



Hi friends today I would like to write an article on How to increase our Website page authority. Every blog developer mainly concentrated things are page authority and domain authority those are very critical to get from Google. Don’t worry my dear friends today I will place some strategies to get high page authority and Domain authority. First we are discussing about how to increase page authority in next post I will discussed about How to increase domain authority.

How to Improve Page Authority

Page authority

Page authority is the best for every website if you have good page authority it means your website have good analytics all search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and MSN etc. For increasing page authority we are learning main what is page authority? How do you increase it? What are the strategies?

What is Page authority?

Page authority is some score it can be given for websites depending on their performance on all search engines.

How to increase it?

We are increasing page authority by applying white hat and gray hat techniques those are very helpful to increase website. Through white hat strategy we can’t getting instantly but definitely we get the result after 2-3 months the result will applicable lifelong. Through gray hat we are getting instant result.

What are the strategies?

I suggested strategies are

1. High Quality content

Everyone doing one mistake they are not spend some time for writing post on their website they are placing duplicate content means copy the content from Google and place in his website. It’s not good thing Google always gives more priority for who are placing unique content in their blog. So, try to place high quality content that definitely increase page authority. Try to place the content doesn’t go under 1000 words total.

2. High Quality Backlinks

Getting High Quality back links are very important for every blogger. But the critical thing is how to get we are getting high quality back links the first doing thing is guest blogging. Someone feels it is very critical if you are unable do guest blogging try to do article posting on high page authority websites like quora, reddit, wikihow, and yahoo qns and ans etc. Guest blogging and article posting those are helpful to get quality backlinks for your blog. Article posting not only gives back links for you it also gives some brand image in these websites.

3. Good internal backlink structure

Writing article is not a great thing user friendly article is the great thing as a blogger try to place user friendly article and try decrease user burden in reading article what I am saying is when the user read an article on your blog you are try to place related links on that post these internal links are helpful redirect user to another post on your blog. Don’t place more internal links place limited internal links 2 or 3 or 4. Some times more is dangerous and have a possibility to place in spam so try to place 3 only.

4. social Media Engagement

Here we are main concentrated strategy is social media engagement now the world is digital world. Every one follow the social media networks and the main thing in social media networks are like and share. So through like and share we are easily get more traffic and brand image. We are having social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Myspace, pinterest, and tumbler etc. For those are follow some rule in post sharing especially facebook. Facebook is the popular network in the works it follow the strategies are

  • You are place any post on Facebook the post engagement is very important. Try to place attractive page title and content.
  • Try to get more page like and shares and comments. You are post getting those it means you are post are having unique content and user friendly nature that are helpful to place no.1 in all search engines.
  • Another important thing is don’t place same post several time that is very dangerous and that treated as spam post.

5. Frequent updates

Frequent updation tells about your interest on Blogger. So compulsory follow the following things.

I. Write fresh and engaging content thatis very helpful to place No.1 position in google.

II. Updating is more important thing so please update your website once or twice in a week.

III. You are thinking my website is business how to update content.

Don’t worry try to maintain blog on your site and place fresh and new content on that blog. Whenever you update the content /write new one try to place in all social media accounts.

The last thing but not least concentrate on page loading time. It is very important in increasing page authority. Your website page loading is good you definitely get good page authority.

Some Old Techniques To Improve Page Authority:

Don’t neglect old techniques because “Old Is Gold”. So, Try and apply old techniques also. Some old techniques that are gives page authority not speedly but after long time it definitely helpful to increase your page authority.

i. Try to place local and high quality directories submission.

ii. Done professional article marketing.

iii. Try to place relevant quality forums posting.

iv. Engagement Blog comments on high authority sites.

v. Try to place your article on questions and answers pages.

vi. Quality Press Release submissions.

vii. Doing quality Social Book Marking submissions.

How to Solve Missing XML tag Error in Webmaster Tools


Google Webmaster Tools says Missing XML tag of sitemap  has error, it doesn’t

Hi Everyone today i come up the New solution for Missing XML tag Error in webmaster tool.I know you also try to submitting the sitemap for your website but it display the below image showing error,at this moment you are very tensed and search in google but you didn’t get the correct solution only because they also don’t the exact solution.I also face the same problem and i find the solution for this XML tag missing error.

How to Solve Missing XML tag Error in Webmaster Tools
You are getting above error only because of you are not doing any posts in your blogger that’s why you get the above,first write the post on your blog.
How to Solve Missing XML tag Error in Webmaster Tools
First Delete the error sitemap after deleting Resubmit the sitemap for your blog.
How to Solve Missing XML tag Error in Webmaster Tools

Sitemap Submission in Webmaster Tools

  • Goto your Webmaster Tools Account
  • Select Crawl in left menu of dashboard
  • Select sitemap
  • Click on Test/Add Sitemap button for submitting New sitemap
  • Type Sitemap.xml
  • After Completion of typing Click on submit button.
  • Now your sitemap added successfully.

How to Solve Missing XML tag Error in Webmaster Tools

Sitemap Re-Submission done successfully.

How to Solve Missing XML tag Error in Webmaster Tools

Step By Step Blogger Creation For Begginers

How to Create a Blogger

Blogger is the most interesting and useful technique. Push your fashion in your own way this is the main strategy of Blogger. Blogger is easy to create and easy to maintain. Through Blogger you have an opportunity to place you own ideas and share your ideas with your friends. Now everything is depending on internet whatever the information you want just search on search Engines (Google, Bing, internet explorer, and MSN etc). The overall data is uploaded through word press, blogger and many more. Blogger don’t have any setup charges it free to use. So you want to share your ideas learn how to create blogger and start your own blogger. you want any information about blogger update my future posts.

Below I place step by step instructions with photo gallery about blogger creation and post in Blogger.

How to create Blogger

1. Login to your Gmail Account.

2. Right side of your Gmail Account just clicks on Google apps icon on those select Blogger option.

3. After selecting blogger just click create new blog button.

4. Fill the Title and Blog address (Based on your interest)

Example: suppose you want create post on News place title as Daily News and Address Dailynewsinindia (Check your address availability getting Ok).

Title: Daily News


5. After fill Blog title and address just click on Create Blog.

6. Now Blog is ready.

How to create Post in Blogger

1. Just Click on New Post

2. Place your title and Description

3. Description with images gives best clarity so try to place unique images.

4. Next Add labels

5. Browser take Default link address are you want to place another just Goto permalink->select custom link->set your link in web.

6. In these have a opportunity to schedule time of post Goto schedule->set date and time.

7. After filling all your data just click on Publish button.

8. Next see your post click on view blog/view post.

How to Add a Gadget/Widget to your Blogger/Website for Beginners

add a gadget in bloggeer

We can treat Widgets in Many forms like Gadgets, or small tools or applications that can be added to your blogger/website to gain its content or some functions, or to tug services and content from third party functionalities/website, Widget creation done in many forms such as adding Google+ page, Google+ followers, Subscribe Blog, For Following Email, sharing information, getting other websites data, adding Text/Image, and many more. Here I Place step by step process for adding Gadget in Blogger/Website.

Step by Step Procedure Add a Widget/Gadget to your Blogger

Login to your blogger Account with your user name and password: Once your logging to your blogger you are directly get the blogger dashboard otherwise goto dashboard link and click on that.

Goto Blogger dashboard ->Layout: In Dashboard in the left menu you have layout option just click on that.

Layout: In Layout we are observing add a gadget Option. After clicking you get some default page elements like blog archive, HTML/JavaScript, and Recent post, Image, Text, Google+ Badge, etc.

Choose added widget/Gadget for your blogger/Website:

After clicking Add Gadget Button the blogger pop-up window display more number of gadget whatever the gadget s available in Google search blogger. Here we are contains some basic Gadget and you want more just click on More Gadgets button type the gadget name whatever you want. Also place your own Gadget through URL.

We are having an option to search more Gadgets/Widgets from Web.

Add a custom widget to Blogger using the HTML and JavaScript widget:

The HTML/JavaScript gadget is display none it can be used for adding third party functionalities or URL of other websites. Whenever the data is available in HTML/JavaScript format simply select this gadget and add.

Adding More Gadget to your Blogger/Website is not Good its decrease your website/blogger loading time. Try to place minimum Gadgets what you want really.

Are you Ready for Getting Business Related Clients Through Twitter

Are you Ready for Getting Business Related Clients Through Twitter

How to find Business Related Customers Easily Using Twitter

We are containing social Media Networks are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and MySpace etc .All are helpful to increase website traffic and increase business sales. Here we are discussing about the topic is How Twitter is helpful to get more clients within less time and How I find genuine/real user in twitter. Previous it is critical thing for us but now we are easily find active user in twitter.

You are looking for following managers in world for getting More dealings in your business but unable to find active managers in twitter. We have an option to find users directly type keywords in search box but it gives the result is not sufficient and not useful.

so for getting sufficient result just use ManageFlitter Now Look Up How ManageFlitter Works and How to Use ManageFlitter etc.

Step by Step procedure for finding active user through ManageFlitter

  • Signup Manage Flitter Account using twitter mailid and password.
  • Click On Connect Twitter (It Connect Automatically)
  • After connecting click on Search

I Display Some premium and free for training pupose select after using free trail you are satiesfied with this one just go for premium.

In Search right you have refine button click on that you get following

  • Bio
  • Latest Tweet
  • Name
  • Username
  • Website
  • Location

In the above I choose Bio and Place My niche Keyword “Managers” and also place Location “Hyderabad”

  • Only verified accounts
  • Only popular accounts
  • Only active accounts

In the above I choose “Only Active Users”

  • Followers: 1000
  • Following
  • Twits

In The above I place 1000 followers

  • Add Bio Keyword (Your target audience Keyword)
  • Add your target location
  • Add how many followers you want
  • Submit your request

After submission it can be display your search related customers

Now follow unique customers

The above all my selection are for finding active and More followers accounts in twitter through this one I will get genuine and real managers in my particular location easily.

This is very helpful to getting business related customers also getting freelancers etc.

The Free Version of ManageFlitter has an opportunity to follow 50 accounts per Day. Now I Use Only One free version because I have only one website you have more website better to go for premium.

If you feel this article is helpful to others please share because sharing is caring. Thanks for spending your time on reading on my post. you have any doubts feel free to comments on below post.